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Make a Good Thing Last

Make a Good Thing Last

Exceptionally cozy high loft down comforters, silky bamboo pillowcases and sheets are made to last for years to come with proper care. We want to give you some weekly laundry and care tips on keeping our bed linens and towels in their luxurious state for years to come.

First up: 100% Egyptian Cotton Sheets. Our ExceptionalSheets Egyptian cotton sheets are the best of the best. If you purchase something this luxurious, you may want to treat it with special care. If you bought a Lamborghini, you probably wouldn't take it through the $3 discount automatic car wash at the gas station, right? Well, we would hope not. And you can think of Egyptian cotton sheets as the Lamborghini of the the sheet world, but much more accessible for your average consumer. And that's all the more reason to treat them with a little tender loving care.

The continued quality of our Egyptian Cotton sheets depends on some simple washing instructions, which are not difficult at all to follow and remember. And washing often is actually a good thing when it comes to these products. Egyptian cotton sheets will actually improve with age and will become softer and softer with every single wash. It's really a “less is more” approach to laundering.

You will just need to pour in half the normal amount of detergent that you may use with clothes. Never, ever use chlorine bleach either. (Trust us on this one) Once they are in the ol' washing machine, remember to use the lowest possible agitation setting (delicate) and Do Not wash them in hot water. Washing this type of linen in extremely hot water can cause pilling and other structural changes in the cotton fiber.

Another VERY important thing to note as well: Wash your Egyptian cotton sheets by themselves, alone, with no other laundry. That's right; All by their lonesome. Zippers and fasteners on clothing can really snag and destroy those sheets that you love, so avoid that at all costs. Also, those fuzzy bits on your sweat socks might not matter on your feet, but you don't want those on your luxury cotton sheets. There are some directions to follow in the drying phase as well. Ideally, we would all dry our sheets on a clothesline, but for much of the world's population, that is not practical. It's also not the most time effective method either. When you are drying your sheets in your dryer, be sure to take a look inside first to make sure that there are no foreign objects or streaks left on the sides of the inside of your dryer from a pack of gum left in your jeans pocket.

That could do a serious unfortunate number on your sheets. Be sure to use the low heat setting and don’t dry them any longer than necessary. To avoid some of the wrinkles that do come with Egyptian Cotton, many customers remove their sheets from the dryer when still slightly damp and let them air-dry and put the fitted sheet on the bed to stretch out those wrinkles. If you follow all of these steps, your Egyptian Cotton Sheets should last for years to come and will literally get softer with every wash. Don't get a scratch on your Lambo in the Auto-Wash….and don't ruin some of the best sheets money can buy.

You'll thank us later. At .com, we offer the best night of sleep you’ve had in a long time by offering the highest quality luxury sheets and bed linens. We stand behind all of our bath and bedding products for their comfort, longevity and all around quality.

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