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Trends in Design: Bedding and Bath

Trends in Design: Bedding and Bath

Bedroom/Bathroom – Personal, Unique

Two of the most personal places to us are our bedroom and bathroom.  This is where we are who we are. What is more personal than the towel you dry off with, the sheets you sleep on or the comforter you use when the weather turns cold? We have taken out the work in researching the latest new trends in bamboo sheets and down alternative comforters and provided a few ideas right here in this blog post for you.

Design around the climate you live in. You might be starting to experience some cooler nights and might’ve already even flipped on the furnace.  Before you go to turn that furnace back on tonight, let me offer you a 3 birds, one stone suggestion: a down-alternative comforter from eLuxurySupply.

  • You can update the style of your room
  • Keep yourself warm and allergy free on the cool nights ahead
  • Do it for just a fraction of your monthly energy bill.

Now that’s a trifecta!  Embrace warm fall colors such as ivory, gold and pumpkin to create a visually warm and cozy style this fall as the temperatures take a fall themselves.

Go Green with Bamboo Sheets

For those who haven’t been affected by much of a change in weather, let me first congratulate you on getting one-up on mother nature.  Well done.   If you are fortunate enough to not have to own an article of clothing any heavier than a windbreaker, then you probably live in a perfect climate for a set of our bamboo sheets (aka the softest, silkiest, coolest set of sheets I have ever felt). The best part about these sheets is their initiative in going “green”.  Bamboo is sustainable, naturally antimicrobial, requires significantly less pesticides than cotton and is naturally irrigated, so it makes these the most “Green” sheets that you can purchase anywhere.  

Lastly, and more specific to this year’s style trends, we see a return to Boho chic.  “Boho” is short for “Bohemian” and is reflected by a hippy-like influence in design.  It is also represented in by colors of teal, coral, green, navy, and brown.  Bring out your inner-hippy this fall with the natural 100% Egyptian cotton 550-gram Paisley towel sets offered here at eLuxury. The classic Paisley-patterned towel sets are offered in blue, chocolate, charcoal, and tan and come as a 6 piece set.    

Product Bundles/Stay Trendy

Keep it trendy and comfortable this fall!  Express your identity, go green and save money. Show those closest to you that you like to keep up to date with the latest trends in design.

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