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How it's Made: Latex Topper

How it's Made: Latex Topper

At eLuxurySupply, our Latex products have been all the rage for months now....and for good reason! Our Latex Topper and Latex Pillows are some of our biggest sellers and are part of a new age of latex bedding that is revolutionizing the way in which we sleep. Both the latex topper and the latex pillows are products that create a unique sleeping experience with their unique softness, temperature regulation and all around comfort level that is something that you cannot receive with any other bedding product. And the magic, my friends, is all about the latex itself and the production process we use to create these products. Today, let's look at how we make one of the flagship products for eLuxurySupply, our Natural Latex Topper.

The eLuxurySupply Latex Production Facility is unique to the latex world with our state of the art continuous latex foam line process. The line is the world’s first patent pending double pouring continuous line, which allows production of a wide variety of products, from super soft 3/8” quilting rolls to 3” toppers. Our product line is one of the best in the world, but the biggest key to the quality of the topper is in the main ingredient: latex.

Latex is a white, milky liquid, a stable dispersion of rubber particles (organic polymer particles) in water. Natural latex is the sap of the tropical rubber tree, "Hevea brasiliensis",  which is grown in plantations in South East Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia), parts of Africa (Cameroon) and South America (Brazil). We know that the use of high quality natural latex is vital to the product, so the plantations are selected, controlled and tested carefully for use in the production process. Using this type of high quality latex not only adds to the elasticity and flexibility of the topper, but also a sustainable and ecological production process.

The process for creating this topper begins with the foaming and pouring process, where a mixture of latex, soap and vulcanizing agents are combined. The mixture is then "foamed" by adding compressed air to the compound. The foam is deposited onto the continuous line which has pins necessary for the steam vulcanization process. The topper is then heated, cleaned and enters a washing bath and is dried, inspected and boxed up. It's then ready to be sent out to each customer!

But after all of this technical knowledge we are throwing out here about the origins of latex, the product, and everything else, only one thing really matters: Is it comfortable? We can say ABSOLUTELY it is. The latex topper has two sides (one soft and one firm) and you can switch between them to customize your experience. And for any customers who have trouble sleeping at night due  to overheating, the latex topper  has enhanced breathability characteristics and can keep you super cool and comfortable all night, every night.

If you have any questions about our latex topper, latex pillows or anything at all, contact our Customer Service Department any time, day or night, at or 1-800-977-7433. We are here to help!

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