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Expert Lane Series – Mattresses

Expert Lane Series – Mattresses

You may be thinking about it. You may be wondering if you should go against the grain and buy something you swore you would never buy without trying it out first. Are you really considering spending hundreds or thousands on a mattress that you’ve never even laid on? Some people might call you crazy. They might think you’ve lost your mind. What they don’t see is the hundreds or thousands of dollars you can save by researching the feedback left by many satisfied customers, and buying your mattress…ONLINE. Here at eLuxurySupply, we like to call you…savvy.

Since you’re in the market for a mattress, let me explain a few highlights of our gel memory foam mattress. We sell a 10” mattress in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and California King. The lower 7 inches of the mattress are the foam base. The upper 3 inches contain the eLux Gel memory foam which allows the bed to “breathe” and promote a cooler night’s sleep than basic memory foam. Our mattress also comes with a removable cover that hides the foam and gives some appeal to the owner. You can read finer specs and details HERE.

I’m willing to bet you won’t click the “Checkout” button without your skepticisms, though. We know this. That’s why you might be pleasantly surprised to hear about the post-sale policies on our mattresses. First off, you will be receiving a mattress that has never been laid on by anyone before (some people work up a sweat looking for the right one). You will have 90 worry-free days to decide on your mattress. If you are not completely satisfied, you will receive a full refund and you won’t have to ship it back! We will have the mattress picked up by a local company to deliver to a local shelter in your area. If you decide to keep the mattress beyond the 90 days (and we’re confident you will), you will then be covered by our 10-year warranty from malfunction or deficiencies with the mattress, to which we will send a replacement for free. With guarantees like these, you would probably guess that we ask for at least $1000 for this type of mattress. Think again.

A quick search online for competing prices on similar mattresses led me to some “lofty” findings. He. Heh. Many of these mattresses sell from $999 up to around $2000 for the luxurious, supportive comfort of memory foam. Well you won’t pay close to that spectrum for ours. Our largest mattress (the California King) sells for around $650-700. Moving down to our smallest size (Twin), you will pay around $450-500. A small spectrum of prices, a BIG guarantee of satisfaction, and a friendly, knowledgeable customer service team to answer your questions and help with any problems is what we offer to get you to choose US to be your provider of great sleep for years to come. Here’s to YOU, savvy eLux shopper!

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