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The Fortunate Truth About Allergies

The Fortunate Truth About Allergies

For those who don’t know, eLuxurySupply operates out of Evansville, Indiana. Ever heard of it? Unless you are from here, probably not. Evansville is located in the Ohio Valley in the Midwest, where allergies are in full swing most of the year. If you are unfortunate like me, this means you dread allergies and the sneezing, itching, and coughing that comes with them. Unfortunately, flowers, grass, trees, and most allergens are what make this Earth so beautiful, so is it possible to enjoy these things without the sneezing and watery eyes? The best way to control your allergies is to control your environments.

Outdoor allergies may seem a little harder to control since there is no way to control what is outside. Before the next landscaping project or before you mow your lawn, check the pollen counts in your area and try to take advantage of a day where counts are low. When working with fresh cut grass, make sure to wear gloves or long pants to avoid direct skin irritation. Another helpful tip is to take any kind of allergy medication well in advance before enjoying an outdoor activity. Being outside is great, there are so many things to enjoy while outside and the fresh air can’t be beat but be sure that your allergies don’t beat you.

If you spend the day outside, be sure to shower when you finish to rid your body of any trace of pollen. Bringing pollens inside your home can make managing your allergies even more difficult. Indoor allergies, especially in your own home, can be a lot easier to manage. Simple things like regularly dusting and vacuuming help significantly to decrease allergy problems at home. Also, everyone knows your mattress collects a lot of dust, an Anti-Allergen Mattress Protector can also prevent serious allergy issues while you sleep. Running your air conditioning as well as a dehumidifier will also prevent mold and dust mites from taking over your air space.

Allergies are a dreadful reality to far too many people. Good news though, take control of your allergies instead of them taking control of you. Take small, necessary steps to prevent the endless sneezing and the watery eyes. No one likes that foggy feeling, no one likes constant itching; don’t let allergies beat you this allergy season, take control and enjoy this season clear and refreshed!

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