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The Perfect Bathroom

The Perfect Bathroom

The perfect bathroom  to me is one of the most essential rooms in the house . It is the one place of solitude in everyone's home. The bathroom has always been the room that allows you to escape from the  world, even if it is only for a brief moment in time. You think back to when most homes only had one bathroom and wonder how a big family survived.   My mom had 10 other siblings and they only had a one bathroom, I can not even imagine how that worked out. I would hear stories how my aunts would get ready to go out and they would have to all share one mirror and get ready at once. I am sure there were a couple of arguments over who was there first and who was in the way.  

To me the perfect bathroom is a warm comfortable place, a place to hide from reality for a bit. The master bath is where I like to have really plush thick towels.  I like the warmth of  thick towels after relaxing in a nice bath after a long day. I have the 900 GSM towels in cream and navy blue currently, they match the nautical decor so well.  Another great way to relax in the master bath is having a nice robe to lounge about in as you wait for the tub to fill, or while you are getting ready for the day.

The extra bath, this is generally the kids bathroom, so the decor is usually a little more on the fun side. I use a combination of the thicker 900 GSM and the slightly thinner 600 GSM towels in this room. The 900 GSM may be a little to thick and heavy for younger children to use.  This room's decor is Mickey and Minnie Mouse, so we have the black and red towels in here.

Finally, the guest bath. The guest bath also should be inviting, but not that inviting, they are guests after all and you do want them to leave. I still however, want my guests to be comfortable, so I use the  lighter softer viscose rayon bamboo towels for this room. The taupe and ivory go great with the beach decor in this bathroom. I also have a couple of robes for guests so they do feel a little pampered.  I get compliments every time someone steps into the guest  bathroom.  

I always feel the bathroom is an oasis a hiding place of sorts. It is the room you can hide in to find out the secret message from the little orphan annie decoder, as Ralphie did in "A Christmas Story",  it's a place you can relax and catch up on the latest book you are reading, or if you are just hiding from the kids, the bathroom is the room for your solitude.

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