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It's a bedroom... not a dorm.

It's a bedroom... not a dorm.

Are you still sporting your beat-up and faded comforter from college?

It’s always been there and you love it, but maybe it’s time to upgrade to the best comforter available - the kind of comforter used in 5 Star Hotels. You’ve come a long way from college campus newbie. You’ve started a career, maybe impressed a significant other or got your own place. Now it is time to show everyone how far you’ve come with a new comforter from eLuxury.

Completely revitalize your bedroom with just one change. First impressions are everything and a soft, high loft comforter is the main event (as long as you make your bed). Show off your new found maturity by tearing your posters off the wall and making your bedroom look like an adult’s bedroom. But what kind of comforter do adults buy when they want to be an adult? The best comforters come in three categories: bamboo comforters, Egyptian cotton comforters, or down alternative comforters. You can buy a comforter by itself or as a “bed in a bag” bundle. There are a couple different ways to compare them, so let’s jump right in…

What is the best comforters for a person with allergies

Allergies are a killer for many people, especially in these changing seasons. Up to 30% of adults and 40% of children suffer from allergies every year and it’s hard to find relief! The traditional comforter or blanket used predominantly down filling. Down carries allergens and will only make the average allergy sufferer suffer more. Down alternative comforters use  polyester or cluster fiber. This allows for the same warmth and plushness of a down comforter without the extra worry of allergies. Most down alternative comforters are made with microfiber top-covers that allow for many different varieties of colors and designs to match any type of bedroom suit.

“Bed in Bag” may be your best option

Down alternative comforters also come in bundle packages called bed-in-a-bag. These beds-in-a-bag are packages that come with the down alternative comforter, square pillows, a bolster pillow, and a dust ruffle (bed skirt). This is perfect for the person going through the time-tested switch between the worn-out dorm comforters to a whole new look and feel for their bed. The bed-in-a-bag packages normally cost about the same as the single comforter, but provide much, much, more.

What is the best down comforter? 

If you do not have allergies and you want a really nice quality comforter, try the down comforters! Down comforters are what most high-end hotels use. These comforters are heavy and filled to the brim with feathers. These down feathers are extraordinarily soft and when they are densely packed together, they offer great insulation and warmth.         Shopping for a new comforter might be a little daunting; especially considering you just decided to get rid of Old Trusty. Here are a couple things to look out for when you’re shopping for your perfect comforter:

Compare Fill Power

All down comforters have a fill power. Fill power is defined as the amount of volume one ounce of down will fill when allowed to reach its maximum loft. That’s very technical, but what does it mean? How does it affect you? It’s all about the length of the down fiber. The longer the fiber of the down cluster, the more air it traps, the higher it lofts, and the warmer it sleeps. Most comforters range from 600 fill power to 800 fill power. If you are going for the down alternative comforter, then you do not have to worry about the fill power. Down alternatives do not have fill powers, but they are measured in fill weight. The higher the fill weight, the heavier and warmer the down alternative comforter will be.

Review the Cover Material & Thread Count

Most down comforters will have 100% cotton covers. These cotton covers are woven just like bed sheets and they have thread counts, just like bed sheets. The higher the thread count of a textile, the heavier it will be, but ultimately it will be softer as well. If you’re looking for a light weight comforter go for a lower thread count; on the other hand, if you’re looking for a medium to heavy comforter, it might not hurt to go with a higher thread count cover. All down alternative comforters will usually be covered in some type of poly-cotton blend material or microfiber. These do not have thread counts, but are usually pretty soft and durable.

Look for Baffle Box Construction

Have you ever seen someone’s comforter that has all the innards bunched up and pushed into one place? This is because their comforters are not constructed with baffle box stitching. Baffle box stitching is stitching that goes all the way through the material to the other side. This stitching traps the fill material in one spot (usually a square) so it cannot move throughout the comforter and bunch up. Always get baffle box if possible. This will save you a lot of headache and time, especially after you wash your comforter.    

The moral of this story is update and upgrade! Comforters are the biggest impression your bed can give and your old ratty college comforter just doesn’t cut it. Follow our guide and treat yourself. Help us, help you, bring luxury home.

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