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It's a Bedroom, Not a Dorm Room: New Sheets

It's a Bedroom, Not a Dorm Room: New Sheets

Welcome back friend! So you’ve changed out your old comforter for a new, awesome, comforter, but what now? The comforter was the first step, but there’s a few more changes to make before you’re fully upgraded from your dorm suite. Look underneath your comforter...What do you see? Those trusty sheets that have seen literally everything since freshman year. The small holes are getting bigger and your desire for higher quality bedding rising at the same rate of the cotton balls on your sheets. It’s time for a change.

The next step in your bedding upgrade journey is sheets. Sheet sets are super important, especially to the quality of sleep you experience every night. Worn out sheets with holes cause you to toss and turn more at night and are just plain uncomfortable. Why continue to sleep like this, when a new set of high quality sheets are just a click away. Shopping for sheets can be daunting for the layperson, but not for you. Follow our guide here and you’ll get the best quality sheets you’ve ever used and impress yourself doing so! There are three things to look for when you’re shopping for your sheets and they are thread count, ply, and weave.

Thread count is the measurement of the number of threads in one square inch of a fabric. So, the higher the thread count, the more material there is in the fabric. This means that low thread count sheets will be thinner and lighter than their higher thread count counterparts. Most people do not want heavy sheets, but they also do not want light thin sheets. Don’t worry, there is a compromise. The 650 Thread Count Cotton Sheet Set is a great middle of the road between the extremes of the thread count spectrum. 650 threads offer the perfect amount of weight and thickness and still be the best luxury sheets you will ever buy!

Another great feature is high-quality single-ply sheets will be VERY soft. Our 300 Thread Count Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets, while mainly being soft due to the nature of the rayon from bamboo material, are extremely soft because they are single-ply! The weave of a sheet gets confused with the material type a lot! We have many customers that call us and ask for percale sheets. “I only want percale! Not Egyptian cotton...PERCALE!” What most people looking for percale, crisp sheets, do not understand is that percale is actually a weave of a fabric. There are three main types of weaves that you see in high-quality sheets: sateen, percale, and twill. Sateen is gives a sheets a very smooth feeling and they tend to be shinier than other sheets. Percale has a more rough feel to them, but they are super crisp. Finally twill, Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheet Sets, are super soft and have the same weave pattern as your favorite pair of jeans; diagonal parallel lines.

Now that all of these points are covered, get over to and get a new set of bed sheets! You can throw out your dingy hole-filled sheets and get some new sheets that will impress even the most reserved of guests. Thanks for reading our latest edition of It’s a Bedroom, Not a Dorm Room.

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