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All about Beach Towels

All about Beach Towels

So the weather is warming up. The sun's rays are blasting many parts of the country. Great white fluffy clouds are breaking up to clear the skies for shining days! What does this all mean? Well, that it is summer of course! Spring has given away to the best months of the year, and as we begin to move in to these summer months there are certain items everyone is going to be needing to best utilize every moment. There are obvious items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, and of course swim suits! But there is one item many people forget, and it is making a come back in a big way. That item is BEACH TOWELS!

Until recently beach towels have been drab things. Generic looking colors and less than stellar materials. Then again, they are just for sitting on and drying up at the beach or riverfront right? Wrong! Beach towels are now just as much a fashion statement as any other article of clothing you would wear during summer. Amazing colors and crazy cool designs have made beach towels an up and coming accessory that is a must have for any beach goer. For this very reason, eLuxurysupply has taken up the mantle of providing great beach towels for an even greater price!

Here at we have a selection of beach towels for everyone. All of our beach towels are 100% combed cotton, offering a soft feel and great absorbtion. For the traditional beach goers we have two striped styles; the "Cabana Stripe" towel, which is navy blue and white, and the "Aqua Stripes" towel, which is alternating striped of navy blue and aqua. We also offer the "Cool Checks" beach towel which is a nice combination of colors; white, baby blue, blue, and navy blue, in a pleasant checkered pattern.

For the less traditional beach goers, the ones who like neat designs, we have two interesting towels to offer; our "Navy Ship" beach towel which displays a large and stylish image of a navy ship breaking waves in an ocean of navy blue, with a compass above it and a helm below it, and our "Zebra" design of white and black zig zag patterns like that of a zebra, with a bold black border around the edge. Finally, for those animal lovers out there, we have two cute selections to choose from; our "Seahorse" beach towel, which is a lovely little seahorse surrounded by starfish and some seashells. The background of the towel is navy blue and the animals on it are light blue. Last but not least we have our "Playing Dolphin" beach towel, a rather playful design of a dolphin bouncing a beach ball on it's nose. The towel is a deep navy blue, almost black, while the dolphin and beach ball are a brilliant shade of normal blue.

With many towels to choose from, and all selections not only amazingly made but also amazingly priced, any beach goer would be remiss not to pick one up before heading out to jump in the waters and roll around in the sand. For any and all beach towel needs, eLuxurysupply is here for you!

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