In the wide-open internet world of 2015, local businesses struggle to stay relevant. Goods can be provided across the globe with little more effort than if they were to be provided to a next door neighbor. But, as with anything this large, there are problems that must be solved. Enter the International Marketplace Manager. As part of the International e-Commerce team we are tasked with constantly expanding and improving our global bedding reach.  We currently offer a portion of our premium bedding products in countries such as the following: Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Mexico (launching in mid-June).  

Although we are constantly faced with many headaches and challenges our job is ultra-rewarding and is unlike any others.  We are honored to have such a great opportunity with a great, up and coming Evansville, IN based company.  Not at every job can you say you have spoken to individuals in several different countries, become an expert on country specific products, optimized converting money from one country to another, maneuvered through various international tax & tariff barriers, and managed a supply chain that expands so wide that most competitors couldn’t even fathom… and this happens every day.

Yes, at the end of the day we must admit that it’s pretty awesome to say that we have dared to do what others in the e-Comm world would dream of doing… and we are winning.  Not bad for a group of Indiana-based country boys with limited international experience, right?