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Are You Prepared for Father's Day?

Are You Prepared for Father's Day?

Disclaimer: This is a Father’s Day Blog and you have my word and that of eLuxurySupply that we will NOT use the phrase “Dads and Grads” at any point. You are welcome in advance.

There are a couple things to note about Father's Day, ladies and gentlemen:

  1. It's a great day to celebrate Dad and a great excuse to buy him something that he will love.
  2. 99% of the time, Dad ends up with a gift card to a hardware store, an electric gadget he won’t use or, speaking of clichés, a nice necktie.

Father's Day is a great time to celebrate the Dads in our lives and all too often, those Dads end up with a new garden hose, a set of socks or an unneeded tool set that he already has 15 of sitting in the garage from Father's Days gone by. Coffee Mugs and gift cards are great (and the thought does always indeed count), but how about getting him something this year that will literally change his daily life for the better? Many guys may not think about how the old ragged pillow that they are sleeping on can greatly affect their sleep, so this is a great excuse to get him something that will make his life a bit brighter every day. A rested Dad is a happy dad, people

We want to give you a few bedding ideas for Pops that will have him wake up every morning and say, “You know what? That child of mine is absolutely worth that fortune we spent on college!”. If Dad has never tried Bamboo bedding products, for instance, he could really be in for a treat. Often times (myself included), us fellas can get a little overheated at night and have trouble sleeping. Our Rayon from Bamboo mattress toppers, pillows and sheets sets are the perfect remedy for anyone with problems with getting too hot at night.

If Dad has never had luxury linens, it may be high time that you make Dad feel like royalty with Egyptian Cotton, no? At, we built our business selling the best in Egyptian Cotton linens and we know that you just can’t go wrong with a nice set of 650 thread count sheets for Dad. The sheets will literally get softer with every wash and will get better with age….just like Dad! (You can tell him I said that.) Sheets like these will make every night seem like a stay in a 5 star hotel. I can’t think of a better gift than that!

We also offer a number of different bedding products that could mean a serious bedding upgrade for your Pops. We have multiple different lines of luxury pillows that may make his day in all sizes and filled  with Down, Latex, Memory Foam and Down Alternative. A good pillow can be such a small investment for something that will change his life for the better!

Be sure to check out our huge selections of mattress pads as well. We have our Bamboo, our Marriott Topper (used on over 125,000 Marriott beds in the US and Canada), our latex topper or our brand new Gel Memory Foam Mattress topper. These products can take an old mattress and breathe new life into it and make it like you spent 1000 bucks on him!

This Father’s Day, come by to get something for Dad that he shall soon not forget!


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