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Bedding And Pets

Bedding And Pets

Pets and bedding... This can be somewhat of an issue of debate pending on what type of animal owner you are. Some pet owners can't fall asleep without their pets on the bed, others can't fall asleep if they are! Either way, pets can cause some issues with bedding, whether it be excess hair on a comforter, a messed up bed from playing around, or even the occasional slobber here and there.

I personally am one to let my dogs get away with a little too much from time to time, which is most likely why I wake up with a hundred pound husky/collie mix named Bamboo laying on top of me every morning, and his partner in crime (A much smaller terrier mix named Gizmo) laying at my side. Though I love my boys, it has sometimes created some small issues for my bedding. Hair.. so much hair.. everywhere, especially from Bamboo! This isn't too much of a problem, as I wash my bedding regularly and can get somewhat OCD with a vacuum cleaner from time to time. I've had dogs my entire life, and have been pretty well prepared for the never ending waves of pet hair between my vacuum and various sized lint rollers. As any situations with animals though, there will always be more hair, especially moving into the spring summer months.

Now I'm a pretty big guy, and an active one at that. Bamboo (The husky/collie) is roughly three years old, and is still a big ball of energy (Even after taking him for 5 mile walks and hikes) and any given moment can be play time. This can cause the occasional problem when it comes to the land of bedding as I've learned over the last few years. I may have had to replace a few sets of sheets due to claws ripping sheets here in there, but I can't blame just him, as I'm a guilty party as well! It is a risk you run with allowing animals on the bed, but an understood one at that. I will recommend a higher thread count sheet to you if you do happen to allow animals on the bed, as they are more durable in the long run.

Gizmo (The Terrier Mix) on the other hand, isn't so much of a threat to the integrity of my sheets as much, though he can be somewhat of a slobberer from time to time. Which these small spots created are very simple to take care of through the combination of spot cleaning and regular washing. He occasionally can make a little bit of a crumb mess from here and there as well, but that's taken care of easily as my vacuum OCD may kick in a little again.

Overall with animals of any type, whether allowed on the bed or not, you're going to come across some not so happy times with your bedding, but they can all be taken care of simply! Just remember, many times, we are partially to blame as well! Love your bedding, love your pets! It makes for good times all around!

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