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Behind the Scenes: eLuxurysupply Chat

Behind the Scenes: eLuxurysupply Chat

So there you are, browsing a website and looking to make a purchase! But alas, there are so many questions on your mind that deciding what to buy is going to be impossible! On most websites, there's not much help to be found. You could possibly browse a FAQ page, maybe google some information so you are not completely in the dark. But let's be honest, none of those methods is effective at answering all your questions. In those moments, what most potential buyers really want is someone to talk to; someone from the website or company that knows what they are doing and can answer any questions you may have. Enter the eLuxury Customer Chat!

We here at eLuxury are dedicated to 100% customer service. We want to offer the best customer service on the planet. In order to do that, we feel that customers must have access to our customer service representatives and their knowledge as customers browse the website. As such, we have implemented a chat function on our website. This chat function runs through the Zopim program/website, which offers a wide range of supportive features that allow us to connect with our customers as they consider their purchases.

The chat function automatically appears as the website loads. An automated response is sent to the customer to let them know they have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers. Multiple representatives are available to assist with any questions; anywhere from two to five representatives at a time. The chat function is manned from the early morning hours (8 am CST) until the evening (5 pm CST). Any chat messages that are sent to us after our representatives are off are sent to us in email form as offline messages so that we may still help answer these questions when we return to duty. This allows us to efficiently help the customers who we cannot chat with during our off hours.

Helping our customers is eLuxury's number one priority. Our chat function helps us help customers. Many potential shoppers do not feel comfortable making a purchase until they have thoroughly researched and questioned a product, or compared and contrasted two different items such as mattress pads or sheet sets. We, the eLuxury Customer Service Team, are on hand to facilitate those purchases by sharing all the knowledge we have with the customers. This way, no one is left in the dark as to what exactly they are buying. This allows us to avoid confusion during purchases as well as helps the customer so they do not have buyer's regret once they receive their product. It's an all around win-win, and a very important function for us here at!

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