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What is Gel Memory Foam?

What is Gel Memory Foam?

  Our Customer Service Team is very busy answering a multitude of questions from customers on a daily basis, but one that we get often is: What is Gel Memory Foam? Basically, Gel Memory Foam Mattresses are firm. They have multiple layers that work together to aid in giving you a supportive, comfortable sleeping experience.

 The Gel Memory Foam is made in such a way that it breathes and remains cool throughout the night. It also has the ability to provide a great amount of support with none of the stiff springs in a traditional thick mattress. No more squeak-squeak.

eLuxury  Memory Foam Mattress: Is gel memory foam cooler? 

There are many manufacturers selling varying styles of memory foam mattresses. The key difference between them is usually the amount of layers of foam in the mattress. As a general rule of thumb: More layers equals more heat. The eLuxury Gel Memory Foam Mattress contains only two separate layers. This keeps the sleeper cool and the costs low.

eluxurysupply sleepopolis review

The combination of Gel Foam’s ability to remain cool throughout the night and its ability to provide a supreme amount of support bring the full experience of a Gel Memory Foam Mattress well beyond that of a traditional memory foam mattress. Simply put: When customers ask us "WHAT IS GEL MEMORY FOAM?", we will let them know that it is the main component of our mattresses, and it is what makes it an amazing product.

Memory Foam Mattress: Returns and Reviews

If you’re not convinced a Gel Foam mattress is for you (or you're worried about buying a mattress online), relax, you have 90 worry-free days to decide. If you are not completely satisfied, you will receive a full refund and you won’t have to ship it back! We will have the mattress picked up by a local company and deliver to a charitable shelter in your area. If you decide to keep the mattress beyond the 90 days, you will then be covered by our 10-year warranty from malfunction or deficiencies with the mattress, to which we will send a replacement for free. We want this to be a win-win situation for everyone. If you think about it, you spend a majority of your life in bed , might as well make it your happy place.

If you don’t want to take our word for it, check out Sleepopolis's Review or keep reading to see what a few satisfied customers had to say about their buying experience of a Gel Memory Foam Mattress. Also, check out ALL of our mattress reviews  on our website at this LINK.  

And now, when someone asks you, "What is Gel Memory Foam?", you get to look like the smart person in the room! 

Have you had any experiences with a memory foam mattress, or ours? Tell us about it below in the comments section


New Jersey, United States

     I have been sleeping on my new gel memory foam mattress for more than a month now and could not be happier. The staff has the best service, awesome staff & great quality for the price you pay. I would purchase this item over and over again. Don't spend thousands on a mattress that has no comparison to this. love love love; great products, great price, fast delivery, fantastic customer service.

Los Angeles, CA, United States

     I've had this mattress for about a month now and couldn't be more pleased. I feel rested when I awake in the mornings and have no back pains. Great purchase, great price!

San Antonio, TX, United States

     I bought this mattress in a desperate need for a good night sleep. I had bought a different memory foam mattress from a store in my city and was very unhappy with my purchase. My husband and I would both wake up in the morning in so much pain. I currently have back problems so having a good mattress is very important and this mattress is the best mattress I have ever slept on. I honestly do not think I will ever pick a different mattress again.

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