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5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs

5 Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs

Yes, it’s still February. Yes, we are still in the middle of winter. While most of us are anxious to get spring up and running, it’s most likely not going to happen anytime soon (it’s still snowing here in Southern Indiana). There are simple ways to get out of the winter funk we are all feeling and it starts with taking a look around your home. Here are just a few of our favorite ways at eLuxury to liven up your home in the winter:

5 ways to beat the winter blues

1. Lighting: It’s time to change more than a light bulb to improve your home’s lighting decor. When was the last time you updated this important piece in your home decor? Adding distinct and unique lighting accents to your home is fun and easy. Pendant lights are a great way to add personality. If you have a room that’s fairly bland, add colorful light fixtures and/or lamps for a subtle pop of color.

2. Window treatments: To ensure your new houseplants get the light they deserve, it’s time to update your window treatments. Dark heavy curtains will do just that for your living room, make it seem dark and dreary. We like the idea of a neutral color for the windows this spring. The neutral curtains will allow your new light fixtures to really pop.

3. Plants: Indoor plants not only clean the air around them, they are a simple way to decorate. By adding green to your home, you’re also adding life. Don’t let anyone fool you either, they are surprisingly easy to care for. A few hard to kill houseplants we recommend are...

  • Pothos - these have an air purifying quality that can absorb and strip toxins such as formaldehyde from materials in the home like carpets. The plant has trailing stems and works well in a hanging basket or as a climbing plant. With some training you can get these onto a trellis or whatever object you like that will support it.

  • Spider plants - these guys add a visual interest to any room and work well as a hanging plant.

  • Succulents - super popular right now and they’re easy to care for. A jade plant offers thick, lush leaves with visually interesting branches and they can last forever. Don’t be afraid to mix different types of succulents, you’ll be amazed at the color they provide.

  • Shamrock plants - these are my personal favorite. They are a happy little plant with bright green leaves that look like tiny shamrocks, plus they have sweet white flowers on tall stems.

4. Bedding: It may still be chilly and necessary for you to keep your winter blankets on your bed, but no one said you can’t update your sheets. This slight change is good for the soul. How about a fun fabric no one would expect from you. There is nothing like a nice set of luxury sheets to liven up your room and make you happy to crawl into bed on those cold winter nights.  While you’re at it, it’s most likely time to order that new mattress pad as well.

5. Area rugs: Keep in mind your animals, children and numerous guests have trenched over your threshold from the winter weather and brought all the dirt that comes with it. Ever hear the first impression is the most important? It won’t be overly impressive for your guests to walk in your door and be greeted by a stained, sloppy area rug. You may have convinced yourself it’s not too bad, but trust us, it probably is. Retire your winter rugs and choose a happy alternative. Give yourself and your family a nice change of pace when you walk in the door. This is a quick, easy fix.

We’d love to hear and see your tips on how you liven up your home during the winter doldrums. Be sure to tag us and on Instagram @eluxurysupply with pictures of the updates you’ve made in your homes with the hashtag #eluxbeatswinterblahs. By doing so, you will be entered in a drawing for a $50 gift certificate at

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