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Best Bedding For Winter

Best Bedding For Winter

It is getting closer to that time of year again where we turn the heat on in our homes and bundle up.  As winter is nearing, it is time to put the summer bedding back in the closet, and get out the warm bedding sets.  If you are looking to find warmer bedding, or replacing some old bedding, we here at eLuxury will be happy to help!  We have several products that can assist in finding the best bedding for winter that helps keep you warm during this cold season. From sheet sets to blankets, we have bedding that will retain more heat and keep you warm for all those cold winter nights.

Why Is Warm Sleep Important?

Your body temperature while you sleep is incredibly important for your sleep cycle and for getting enough rest each and every night. Your body likes to be in a room that’s between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit while it sleeps. 

Being in a room that’s hotter or colder than this range can disrupt your circadian rhythm, which tells your body when it’s time to be awake or time to be asleep. This in turn affects your sleep cycle and can throw off your body in a big way. 

If your circadian rhythm is off, you may start to feel tired during the day or wide awake at night. As you can see, staying warm during a winter night is vital for your day-to-day functions. 

Improper body temperature can even affect how much REM sleep you get. Without REM, your body won’t get the rest it needs, which can negatively affect your brain and your body. 

That’s why it’s important to get some high-quality toasty winter bedding. Good bedding will keep you warm when it’s cold outside so you can sleep soundly and keep your body’s internal clock on track. 

Warm Sheets for Winter

Best Bedding for Winter

Sheets are a great place to start for winter bedding for bundling up in the cold months. A high thread count sheet will be thicker, keeping in more heat to keep you warm at night. It’s some of the best bedding for winter. 

Thread Counts for Different Climates

We typically suggest to customers to look between 650 to 1000 thread count for warm sheets in moderate climates.  

If you are in a colder climate such as the New England states, Canada, or Northern Europe, you may want to go with a higher thread count, such as a 1200 thread count or 1500 thread count sheets.  

For warmer climates such as Florida, Arizona, or southern Europe, a 530 thread count sheet set might work better for you as warm sheets for winter. 

Different Sheet Materials

The material you select for your winter sheets is also going to make a difference in the comfort and warmth of your sheets. 

At eLuxury, one of the sheets we’re most proud of is our 100% cotton percale sheets. It’s made with incredibly high-quality cotton that is woven in the percale style. The percale weave is much tighter than standard sheet weaves, so it makes for a sturdy sheet, despite the lower thread count. 

These cotton sheets and pillowcases will definitely get you through cold weather and last for years to come. They’re especially good for moderate climates. 

If you’re looking for a year-round sheet that you don’t have to put away every summer or winter, consider our softest sheet, the bamboo rayon sheet set. This incredible material adjusts to your body temperature in any weather, so they offer breathability for hot sleepers, but it will also keep you cold through the coldest nights. 

Rayon is also hypoallergenic, so it’s fantastic for any sleeper, no matter what their health situation is. 

If you are interested in browsing these winter bed sheets online to find the perfect fit for you, feel free to check out the eLuxury Sheet Collection. Our sheets come in all sizes from twin to king size, so you can experience these sheets no matter what mattress you have.

Best Winter Comforter Sets

On top of those sheets, to make your bed even warmer for a comfortable night’s sleep, a medium weight comforter with a thick winter duvet cover will drastically help keep you warm.  A good choice to keep you warm during these cold winter months would be our medium weight white comforter.

Our comforters are ultra-soft and they not only provide the warmest insulating effect but also give you a plush, cushy material to curl up under for the coziest nights. 

To add an extra layer of warmth and a whole lot of style, we then suggest complementing this comforter with a high thread count duvet cover. We typically suggest a 650 thread count to 1000 thread count duvet covers for winter with exceptions for hotter or colder climates.

Most modern duvet inserts and covers are also machine washable. So you can clean your winter bedding with ease. It offers the best warmth out there while also being super easy to care for and maintain.  

Best Winter Quilts

Best Bedding for Winter

If you are not a fan of dealing with duvet covers or winter comforter sets, we have a few great choices of winter quilts to make your bed warmer. Instead of traveling outside into the snowy weather to find a perfect match, we offer many quilts online that can be shipped directly to your door! My personal favorite, and our biggest seller, is the Zaria 3 Piece Coverlet Set.

Quilts are fantastic options for any bed. They provide you with all of the warmth you’ll need while giving you a more low-profile, clean look. Yet, there’s still something so nostalgic and cozy about a quilt. It’s quite a unique piece of bedding. 

On top of that, quilts are much better options for hot sleepers during the winter. For people who often find themselves overheating under a heavy comforter, the quilt is the perfect winter bedding that’s accessible, comfortable, and great-looking. 

eLuxury offers a ton of choices for quilts to keep you warm this winter, so take a look HERE to see them all! 

Best Winter Blanket

In the wintertime, sitting in your recliner with a blanket and your favorite beverage is a great way to unwind on a cold, icy day.  We have several blankets to choose from in our store at eLuxury, but my personal favorite is the basket weave blanket. 

Best Bedding for Winter

You simply can’t go without a blanket for the living room in the winter. That extra warmth they provide brings cozy tidings into your home when you most need them. Whether you have a small throw blanket, a heavy quilt, or something in between, you need that extra bit of coziness when curled up on the couch. 

Bedding To Be Wary Of

There are a lot of great options out there when it comes to finding bedding that will keep you warm during the winter. Many people will turn to heated blankets or heated mattress pads with different heat settings to get super warm during the winter. 

Although these options are usually safe to use, there are some things you should know about their safety before you go using them. For starters, you’re not supposed to fold an electric blanket while using or even storing it. Too much folding could damage the wiring inside the blanket, which could increase the risk of a fire. 

Old heated blankets and mattress toppers should be gotten rid of. Again, damaged wiring could lead to the product becoming overheated and could even lead to a fire, so make sure the product is in good condition before using it. 

Also, remember to not use multiple products in combination with one another. A blanket on top of a heated blanket, or a heated blanket on top of a heated mattress pad can easily overheat. 

These products are considered safe to use, but they need to be cared for and used properly in order to remain safe, so keep all of the above in mind. And if that sounds like too much to worry about, know that you can stay perfectly warm all winter without electrically heated products. High-quality blankets and comforters will do the job incredibly well. 

Buy Winter Bed Sheets Online with eLuxury!

Instead of trying to sit on your hands to keep them warm, enjoy the winter season by getting products that are some of the best bedding for winter.  If you have any questions at all, or need any help selecting a product that would be best for your needs, never hesitate to contact our customer service at 1-800-977-7433 or

Do you have any ideas on what bedding to use to keep yourself warm this winter? Tell us in the comment section below! 


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