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Summer is Here: Best Sheets for Warm Weather

Summer is Here: Best Sheets for Warm Weather

It is getting hot out there and it is time for another edition of the eLuxury Customer Service FAQ blog! 

best sheets for warm weather

This is Brandy with the eLuxury Customer Service Team! With warmer weather here, we wanted to jump in to give you some insight as to which sheets to use during the long, hot summer months. We are often asked about this subject this time of year, so we wanted to beat you to it! Keep reading to see the best sheets for warm weather! 

best sheets for summer

When looking for the best sheets for warm weather, it's good to know what NOT to sleep on. First off, put away the flannel and high thread count sheets for the warmer months. Many of us swap out our clothes with each season but fail to realize the importance of swapping out the type of sheets we have on our beds.Choosing natural fibers and taking into consideration the thread count will make a big difference in the cooling factors of sheets.

Sheets with high thread counts do not let air pass freely through the fibers nearly as well as a Rayon from Bamboo sheet set or a lower thread count sheet set.. Using the thicker sheets during the hot months will result in trapping body heat and will make you sleep very warm.

For May through September, these are my suggestions for the best sheets to keep you cool at night: 

  • 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton Sheets- These sheets are the ideal Egyptian Cotton Sheet solution for the warmer months. The lower thread count and sateen weave will aid in the air flow and softness and will keep you cool as a cucumber. 
  • 300 Thread Count Rayon from Bamboo Sheets- These sheets are our number one seller for regulating body temperature. The rayon from bamboo material breathes so very well compared to many cotton products. And when it comes to softness... you won't find softer sheets, my friends! 
  • 300 Thread count Modal Sheets-On the softness scale, these fall in between the Bamboo and the 400 Thread Count Egyptian Cotton. Made with natural cellulose from Beechwood trees, these are a very breathable fabric for the warmer months. They are made with a cool and light material, have a silky feel, are very absorbent, and are fade-resistant. 

That's a great list of our best cooling sheets that can help you get through this long, hot summer! 

If you have any questions about any of these sheets or anything at all, email us at or call me at 1-800-977-7433. Here's to a cool summer! 

What do you consider the best sheets for warm weather? Let us know if the comment section below! 

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