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How To Attach Headboard to Bed Frame

How To Attach Headboard to Bed Frame

A headboard is one of the most fun (and important!) parts of your bed. It gives your bed some personality and flare, allows you to customize it, and helps your bed be part of the room as a whole in a more cohesive way. 

Still, buying a headboard and attaching a headboard are completely different tasks. Attaching one can be difficult if you’ve never done it before, but we’re here to help. After this quick guide on how to attach your headboard to your bed frame, you’ll be ready to install your newest bedroom upgrade. 

What Is a Headboard?

Before we start with the instructions, let’s first talk about what a headboard is and more about how it functions on your bed. 

A headboard is a vertical piece of furniture that juts upward behind the head of your bed up against the wall. Its main job is adding a nice atmosphere to the bedroom and making the bed look more intentional and put together. 

There are all sorts of different materials that can be used to make headboards. Many are made of wood, metal, or upholstery. There are so many different shapes and styles to choose from. This is why they’re such a popular furniture item.

Headboards (also called bedheads or bedposts) are infinitely customizable, and you can find one to fit any style that you can possibly imagine.

Plus, headboards have a practical function beyond just looking good. They are also there to protect your wall from any damage that your bed frame could cause and to support your back when you’re sitting up watching TV or reading a book in bed. 

Your bed frame shifts around a lot due to you getting in and out of it every day. It also likely shifts when you toss and turn throughout the night. The headboard rests between the frame and the wall to keep the wall paint from chipping or the wall getting holes in it. 

Are There Different Types?

There are a few types of headboards that you can choose from. Of course, there are several different materials and designs, but there are also different structures and attachment mechanisms used. 

The three primary types are wall-mounted headboards, frame-mounted headboards, and free-standing headboards. We’ll talk more about the specifics of each headboard and how to attach it to your frame in just a minute. 

Do Different Headboards Fit Different Sized Beds?

It’s important to remember that your headboard needs to be the same size as your bed frame in order for it to attach and function properly and for it to look the way it should. This is especially important if you’re getting a headboard that attaches to the bedframe directly. 

If you have a queen bed, get a queen-sized headboard. If you have a California king, get a California king headboard. Make sure you’re specific so that the headboard and the frame can both do their jobs well. 

How Do You Attach Wall-Mounted Headboards?

Now that we’ve unpacked the specifics of what headboards do, it’s time to talk about how to attach them to your bed frame. Let’s start off with wall-mounted headboards. 

Wall-mounted headboards are exactly what they sound like: headboards that are mounted to the wall. There are some advantages and disadvantages to going with this type of headboard. 

For starters, wall-mounted headboards offer the best wall protection out of any of the headboards. Because the headboard isn’t going to shift around, your wall will be perfectly safe and sound and take virtually no damage. 

Another big advantage is that because this headboard doesn’t mount to the bed, it doesn’t have to match the size of your bedframe perfectly if you don’t want it to. 

On the downside, they’re difficult to move once they’ve been installed. If you’re somebody who likes to rearrange their bedroom regularly, this would be a bit of an inconvenience. On top of that, wall-mounted headboards take a bit more damage than frame-mounted boards, for example, so you may need to replace them after a while. 

Now, let’s get into how to set up your wall-mounted headboard. You’re likely going to need another person or two to help you with this.

Step 1

Hold your headboard up to the wall to determine where you want to place it. Make sure it’s just high enough to sit right against the bed and that it looks good with the rest of the room. Once it’s in a good position, mark its final resting place with a pencil and pull the board away. 

Step 2

Find out where the studs are and screw in your mounting method. French cleats are a great way to go because they’re designed to secure heavy furniture to the wall. Once you’ve found your studs, drill your holes and screw in your mounting. 

Make sure that the mounts on the wall and the mounts on the headboard are placed the same distance apart so they will line up when you’re ready to place it. 

Step 3

Once your mounts are in place, you’re ready to install your headboard. If you’re using french cleats, simply slide the two pieces together. Once you’ve done that, move your bed back into position right underneath the headboard.

If you’ve done your job right, your headboard and your bed will look like one single unit. 

How Do You Attach Free-Standing Headboards?

The next type of headboard is a free-standing headboard. These headboards are a versatile option that typically comes separately from your bed frame. They offer protection and support, and they are a generally nice option. 

The biggest advantage of free-standing headboards is that they offer a lot of customization and personalization. Because they come separately from your actual bed frame, you can switch out your headboards fairly easily to update the look of your room without having to buy an entirely new bed frame. 

Free-standing headboards are also often fitted with storage units such as bookshelves if you’re looking for a more unique, functional headboard. 

In addition, they’re free-standing, meaning there’s no attachment process required. They can just stand upright behind your bed without much work. It’s a simple way to get a beautiful headboard.

One of the downsides, though, is that because the headboard is free-standing, it might not offer as much stability or structural integrity as other options.

How Do You Attach Frame-Mounted Headboards?

The final type of headboard is a frame-mounted headboard. These are headboards that attach directly to your bedframe so that the headboard and frame are one single unit. 

Frame-mounted headboards offer the same customizability as free-standing headboards. They come separate from your bedframe, so you can swap them out to your heart’s content. 

Another advantage of this type is that they are the easiest type to install. They attach seamlessly to your bedframe, giving you a secure, effective headboard without having to drill any holes into your wall. 

On top of that, with this option, you can move your bed around with ease. It’s great for remodeling or if you move around a lot and need to take apart your bed often. Let’s get into how to attach the headboard to the bed frame. 

Step 1

If you have a standard bed frame, it will have holes located in the legs that are up against the wall. Locate these holes. If they have a screw already inside of them, unscrew the screws and keep them for later. 

Step 2

Grab your headboard and line up the holes on the legs of the headboard with the holes on the legs of the bed frame. If your headboard comes with multiple holes, choose the ones that match the height of your bed frame and mattress so that it lines up well with the top of your mattress to look like a cohesive unit

Step 3

Have one person hold the headboard in place while the other person screws the legs together. Thread the screws through both legs and attach a washer and nut on the other side, getting the screw finger tight. 

Stand back and make sure that the headboard is straight. Once you’ve got it in the perfect position, use a wrench to tighten the bolts — and you’re ready to use your brand-new headboard!

A Regal Bedroom Upgrade

Now you know everything you need to know about headboards and how to install them onto your bed frame. This unique, customizable furniture piece is a great way to upgrade your bedroom in a simple, regal way. 

So, go forth and put in your new headboard with confidence. For a selection of high-quality headboards, bed frames, and other bedroom furniture, head to eLuxury for products that you’ll enjoy for years to come. 


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