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Keeping Your Pet Warm This Winter

Keeping Your Pet Warm This Winter

With winter upon us, we all focus on bundling up and being as warm as possible. We light fires, wear heavy jackets and boots, and generally do all that we can to keep warm. While we are nice and warm getting ready to take our dogs out, do we even think about how they will react to being cold? There are so many ways to keep your pet warm and safe during these bitter winter months. Exposure to the elements such as snow, sleet and chilly rain can be disastrous to your fur babies, so here are our tips for keeping your pet warm this winter.

Cold Air is Rough on Them too!

The cold air of these winter months can cause chapped skin, itchy and flaky spots as well as damaged paw pads. It’s ideal to keep your home humidified during the winter to not only help you, but also your four legged counter parts. Keeping a towel or shammy next to your door to wipe Fido down is a great idea after a jaunt outside. Paying close attention to his paws is vital as ice and salt crystals can get in between his toes and cause irritation.

No Shaving Down When It’s Cold!

One very important thing to note: Shaving your dog down in the winter is not a great idea. Long coats on dogs provide more warmth, so if you have a long haired dog, just trim up his belly to avoid collecting snow and salt crystals. If you have a short haired dog, then you are lucky because you can accessorize your puppy. Get him or her a stylish Christmas sweater. Nothing is cuter than a dog in a sweater! The ideal style of this sweater should have a high collar or a turtle neck and cover from the base of his tail to his belly.

If It’s Too Cold For You, It’s Too Cold For Them

Bring those fur babies inside! If it is too cold for you out there, than it is certainly too cold for your puppy. Even if there is no snow outside, if the temps are dropping into the 30’s and 20’s, it’s time to bring those babies inside. Dogs have a hard time acclimating to the change between the cold at night and the warm temps during the day. 

Imagine you had to walk barefoot over the frozen grass 3 to 4 times a day; your feet would be in bad shape! Those poor little paws need extra attention! Try massaging petroleum jelly on to their paws, which will protect them from salt and other chemical agents. Even better yet, you could get your fluffy buddy some doggie booties. Adorable!

Deicing? Be Careful What Chemicals You Use

Have you ever walked out your door and slipped on black ice? That is a sign that it is time to de-ice your sidewalks and driveways. It is important to use a deicer made with propylene glycol rather than ethylene glycol. Ethylene glycol is a deadly poison for cats and dogs and is colorless, odorless, and sweet tasting. If a dog were to walk on your sidewalk or driveway after you deice it and they lick their paws, it could be catastrophic.

A Little Extra Food is Vital in the Winter

Animals use extra energy in the winter to generate more heat. So naturally, when they use more energy, they are going to be hungrier. Try feeding your dog a little more food during these chilly months. That said, for dogs that spend very little time outdoors, you must be careful with overfeeding. If they don’t need the extra energy, don’t increase the amount of food because they could quickly pack on the pounds this winter.

The Correct Bedding Will Keep Them Warm

We all like a nice warm bed to lay our weary heads on after a long cold day. We should offer that same luxury to our four legged friends as well! A nice comfortable dog bed with an extra blanket for them to snuggle up in will help keep them warm and cozy this winter. You want to get a bed that keeps your pet up and off the cold ground and lounging in luxury.

Take Precautions for Any Winter Adventures

If you are planning on taking your dog on adventures this winter, it’s best not to let them off their leash when there is snow on the ground. Dogs can lose their scent very easily in the snow. It is also, in general, very important to make sure your best friend is microchipped with up to date owner information.

Leaving Pets in the Car in the Winter: NOT SAFE!

Another important piece of advice is to not leave you pet in the car unattended. Cars in the winter act like refrigerators and can drop below safe temperatures for our beloved pets. So remember not to leave your pooch alone while you stroll through the mall.

Here at eLuxury, we love our pets, and we know that you do too! Winter will be over before we know it and we will be back to lounging in the sun and not worrying about our pups freezing. The best part of having a pet is having a companion who will love you no matter what you do, so let’s take great care of them, shall we?

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