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Metal vs. Wooden Bed Frames - Which Is the Better Choice

Metal vs. Wooden Bed Frames - Which Is the Better Choice

Choosing between a metal bed frame and a wooden bed frame is all dependent upon what you are looking for out of your bed and the type of aesthetics you wish to maintain within the bedroom. While both have their own unique benefits and downfalls, it all comes down to a matter of preference. 

Keep reading to learn about the specific differences between the two and which one will be best for your bedroom:

The Basics: Which Do You Prefer Aesthetically? 

Before we get into the actual pros and cons of each bed frame, consider which one you think you would like the look of more. When deciding this, try to visualize the bed frame in your room in comparison to the rest of the decor you have within your space. Is a metal bed frame going to look better in a room with earth tones and more relaxed accent pieces or in a room with a more industrial and modern or sleek feel to it? 

Again, truly a matter of personal preference, but you don’t want to make a choice on a whim and then end up with a bed frame that does not fit the overall look that you have curated for your space. The choice is up to you, but here are some of the settings where a wooden and metal bed frame would look best: 

The Aesthetics of Wooden Bed Frames: 

  • In a room with natural elements, such as potted plants and large bay windows
  • Earth tones and warm colors 
  • A more cozy and laid-back feel 
  • Spaces that already have wooden flooring and other decor elements made of wood 

The Aesthetics of Metal Bed Frames: 

  • In more modern rooms with neutral colors
  • If you have decor with sharp lines 
  • If you have a minimalist setup/are not a fan of maximalism
  • If you have other elements in your room that are made of metal 

If you have a bedroom that sounds more like the first list of descriptions but still want a metal bed frame for that space, don’t let anyone stop you! These are some tips and directions to head in if you find that you are struggling with making a choice between the two. 

Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty and discuss the pros and cons of each kind of bed frame. 

Pros of a Metal Bed Frame 

There are plenty of unique benefits that a metal bed frame offers over a wooden one. Read through all of these upsides if you decide to put it into your space.

Easy Maintenance

With a wooden bed frame, taking good care of the wood itself is essential. We must keep it from taking on any unwanted dents or marks that will decrease its quality.

Metal is much more durable than wood and you’ll find that this is not as much of a problem with a metal bed frame. Wood also has the potential to become damaged by termites and other types of insects and could even take on damage from certain types of humid temperatures. Metal bed frames come together quickly and require little checkups throughout their time with you. 

If you do love wood frames, fret not! Just opt for strong wood types that include mahogany or pine. 


Metal is much stronger than wood, and chances are that it can end up lasting a long time. Particle boards and similar low-quality woods can take on some damage pretty quickly. So, if you are looking for something that will stand the test of time, a metal bed frame won’t let you down. 


While there are some adjustable wooden bed frames, it is more common to come across a bed frame that is easily adjustable when it is made from metal. This means you won’t have to go through the hassle of searching for certain metal bed frames that fit the size of your specific mattress

Cons of a Metal Bed Frame 

Even though it has its own benefits, certain aspects could cause some trouble when owning a metal bed frame, and you should keep them in mind before making your purchase.

Let’s get into some of the negatives of owning a metal bed frame: 

Issue With Rust

Unfortunately, this could be an issue with any sort of metal furniture that you have; it runs the risk of building up rust over time.

The best way to prevent this is to ensure that the air in your room stays relatively dry. You can also use several different cleaning methods and rust removal techniques to keep the metal bed frame as new looking for as long as possible. 

They Can Get Noisy 

Wooden bed frames are ones that really will make little to no noise. Metal, on the other hand, has the potential to become quite squeaky and loud at times, especially the longer you have it. 

This noise comes from the metal grinding against the other metal pieces present in the bed. While there are some lubricants that you can use to help prevent this, you might not have to deal with it at all if you had a wooden bed frame. 

Issues With Comfort 

Since metal bed frames come in different parts and you have to construct their separate limbs together, sometimes they can become loose and flimsy after repeated use. This could lead to some discomfort while trying to get to sleep, especially considering that it could cause some potential issues with your spine.

However, the metal bed frame can quickly be tweaked and fixed if it starts to come apart.

Pros of a Wooden Bed Frame 

We know it sounds like we made the metal bed frame sound like a fantastic option, which it is, but the wooden bed frame has just as high of a quality, just in different ways. Keep reading to learn about how a wooden frame may be better for your needs and what you are looking for. 


While metal is incredibly durable and is more resistant to outward damage, a Wooden Platform Bed Frame is made from thick chunks of wood, which allows them to offer higher amounts of stability. When we talked about how metal bed frames can be squeaky and get loose with time, a wooden bed frame rarely makes a peep.

Easy Set-Up 

If you are looking for a bed frame that comes together in a pinch, wooden frames are definitely a fantastic pick. Metal frames often have you construct their pieces with multiple screws with a wrench of sorts, whereas a wooden bed frame comes together by putting the pieces into place, the wood having small divots cut into it for an easy setup, free of frustration.

More often than not, wooden platform frames have no screws or other tools needed for construction. If a long build time sounds like something that would cause you some stress, then a wooden frame may be the more appropriate choice for you and your needs. 

Easily Customizable 

One of the biggest pros to purchasing a wooden frame is that you can customize it pretty easily. Since it's wood, if you need to adjust certain components and pieces, you can saw away at them and make any changes you see fit.

Don’t like the color of the wood itself? You can paint the bed frame! While you can paint metal, it won’t look nearly as elegant and eye-catching as a nice painted wooden frame. 

Different Wood Options 

Another pro of having a wooden frame, or rather, looking at wooden frames, is that you have some options as opposed to a standard metal bed frame. A mahogany Wooden Bed Frame is not only stunning but also remarkably reliable. 

For example, a bed frame that is made from pine is a softer wood (but still strong) and could be a more cost-effective choice as opposed to something made from oak or birch. Each of these woods has different components to them. 

The Cons of a Wooden Bed Frame 

There are two major cons of having a wooden bed frame: 

Fire Hazard 

While this may sound far-fetched, it’s something that you should try to remember when thinking about purchasing a wooden frame. If you are someone that lights a ton of candles in their room, be careful around your bed. There are endless flammable objects around your house, though, so don’t let this be a massive deterrent. 

The Weight 

Metal bed frames are often fairly lightweight and don't really require much physical strength to lug around. In contrast, a wooden frame can be particularly difficult to move, considering how heavy the wooden parts are. If you often rearrange your room, a metal frame may be better. 

A Better Bed

At the end of the day, one bed frame is not necessarily better than the other. It all depends upon the type of person you are. Moving furniture around often? Opt for a metal frame.

Want something that is customizable? A wooden frame might be the more ideal choice. Whatever you choose, both will make a great addition to your space! 


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