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The Science of Comfort: Thermal Effusivity

The Science of Comfort:  Thermal Effusivity
At eLuxury, we have sold over 1 million of our mattress pads and one of the key factors that keeps customers coming back is the temperature regulation. Our Bamboo Mattress Pads and Tencel Mattress Pads help keep you cool at night due to the breathable nature of the materials that help to regulate body temperature. There is a great deal of science behind this and it all starts with something called “Thermal Effusivity”. We have conducted Thermal Effusivity tests that confirm that the materials used in our two most popular mattress pads are some of the coolest on the market.  

How Thermal Effusivity Tests Work

To conduct the tests necessary to measure just how well these pads regulate temperature, Thermal Effusivity sensors are used that work like your fingertips. They rapidly determine the rate of heat flow from one material to another. Like your fingertips, the sensors supply the heat source as well as detect the heat flow.

In a test of the materials used in our Bamboo Mattress Pad versus Tencel®, Organic Cotton, Nylon, and Polyester, our eLuxury® patented knit fabric used in the Bamboo mattress pad offers the best “Cool to the Touch” material. 

Thermal Effusivity for eLuxury Mattress Pads

Our Mattress Pads are Cooler 

In the test, eLuxury® Rayon from Bamboo is 60% Cooler than Polyester, 15% Cooler than Organic Cotton, 14% cooler that Cooling Nylon, and 8% cooler than Tencel. As you can see in the chart above, Tencel is also an extremely cool to the touch material and many of our customers will agree after purchasing our New Tencel Mattress Pad.  

If you are looking for a mattress pad to help keep you cool at night, we have the science to prove that one of our Bamboo Mattress Pads or Tencel Mattress Pads will be cool to the touch and help keep you cool all night.

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