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Tips For Choosing Children’s Bedroom Color Schemes

Tips For Choosing Children’s Bedroom Color Schemes

Creating a children’s bedroom color scheme is a great way to refresh, update, or complete your child’s bedroom. A bright color scheme offers a fun, youthful touch to any room. Or a light, neutral color scheme can be the perfect base for playful wall hangings and toy storage.

Studies show that color can affect your child’s behavior and learning capacity, and can even influence their sleep patterns. So how do you choose the right color scheme for your child?

Read on to get tips and tricks for picking the best bedroom color scheme to fit your home and your child’s taste and temperament.

How Colors Affect Behavior

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Psychologists have found that colors affect behavior and mood in adults and children alike. For this reason, it’s best to choose colors that promote calm and tranquility for your children’s bedroom color scheme. Red is known to be a stimulating color that can trigger aggression and energize kids. Though fine as an accent color, avoid adding too much red to space.

Instead, opt for calming colors like blue, which can lower heart rate and blood pressure. Yellow is also a good option since it can help kids concentrate and have better memory recall. And if you’re looking for a more neutral color scheme, go with brown, which is known to make children feel stable and grounded.

Choosing a Bedroom Color Conducive to Sleep

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Blue is well-known for being a color most conducive to sleep. But too much blue can bring down a child’s mood. Spice up the color scheme by adding other colors also conducive to sleep, including green, silver, or orange. Studies show these colors promote a good night of sleep when they are a dominant color in the room.

Colors To Grow With Your Child

Many little girls pine for a pink room, and boys tend to lean toward blue or green color schemes. But as all parents know, kids grow up in a flash. If you’re not keen on repainting the room every few years, you may want to select a color scheme that can grow with your child.

Neutrals like gray, black, white, and beige are mature enough for adults, but flexible enough to make a kids room feel fun. Deep navy or sage green are other colors that can easily grow with your child.

When Siblings Share a Room

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Do you have kids sharing a room? If so, you’ll want to choose a children’s bedroom color scheme to please both parties. When boys and girls share a room, it can be particularly challenging to find an appropriate color scheme. Try blending colors to fit the style of both kids, like light orange and mint green, red and blue, or pink and aqua. When all else fails, go neutral!

Time to Decorate!

By reading this guide, you’ll be well equipped to choose the best bedroom colors to fit your home and your child’s style. Children’s bedroom color schemes can have a bigger impact on them than you realize, so make sure you choose wisely!

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