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Top 5 Guest Bedroom Ideas for the Holidays

Top 5 Guest Bedroom Ideas for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us, ladies and gentlemen! Many of us have family coming in to stay for a few days and it’s time to optimize your guest room to make their stay pleasant and memorable. Don't stick Grandma and Grandpa with your old bedding that's been sitting in the closet for 11 months (or years!). Here are our Top 5 Guest Bedroom Ideas for the Holidays!

Top 5 Guest Bedroom Ideas for the Holidays

1.Get Good Sheets!

Don't make your relatives sleep on those old sheets that you have had in storage for decades; Get yourself some luxury sheets for the guest bed and make them feel like they are staying at a 5 star hotel.

When looking for spare bedroom ideas, look first to the comfort provided by the sheets on the bed. Even though a guest bedroom may not be used that many times throughout the year, it is not a good hosting idea to pull out those old outdated sheets that have been lingering around for years.

The eLuxury 400 thread count cotton sheets or Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets would both be perfect for any guest bed. These 400 thread count cotton sheet sets are a single ply fabric that will be lightweight to help keep your house guests cool and comfortable. The sheets are also going to be very soft and will soften after each wash, all while remaining very durable. This sheet set is also offered in neutral and bold colors to coordinate with any color scheme that you have for the room.  

The ultra soft bamboo sheets are the softest sheet set that we offer. Made with 100% Rayon from bamboo, this sheet set comes in 300 thread count, which makes this set also lightweight and breathable. The bamboo sheet set is also a good option for people with sensitive skin, which would be a nice option to accommodate a variety of overnight guests.

2.Towels and Robes-Give Your Guest Room the Spa Treatment

Top 5 Guest Bedroom Ideas for the Holidays

Luxury Towels

Don't stick your guests with the old towels with holes in them; Give them the spa treatment with hotel-quality towels! The guest bath should not be a recycle bin for older worn out towels.

Give your guest a luxurious absorbent towel that makes them feel as if they are visiting 5 star day spa with our 100% Cotton 900 GSM and 600 GSM Hotel Quality Towels.

But don’t stop at towels if you really want to give them a luxurious stay in your home. Egyptian Cotton Robes would be a nice touch, don’t you think? Make your guests look forward to visiting you next time and give them a luxurious robe to help keep them warm and feel right at home.Staying at your home should be more like going to a spa for the holidays vs. being stuck in an uncomfortable situation.

3.Flowers are a Nice Touch

Another great way to make your guests feel at home is a simple decoration. Having fresh flowers in a room can greatly affect someone’s mood in a positive way. This simple gesture can go a long way. Providing flowers in your guest room is a nice simple way to decorate without cluttering it up with decor. Not only will the vase of flowers make your guests feel at home, but  they will also enjoy the fresh scent they give off. The sweet aroma of the flowers will make the room more inviting.

4.Bathroom Essentials

Top 5 Guest Bedroom Ideas for the Holidays

Purchase some extra toilet paper, facial tissues, soap, toothpaste, and shampoo in case your guests forget them at home. Treat them like they are hotel guests. 

One major benefit of staying in a hotel is the amenities. It is a good idea to provide items like toiletries that will keep them from having to make late night or early morning runs to the store!

5.Is that old mattress comfortable enough?

Consider adding a Mattress Pad or topper to add a layer of comfort to let them sleep comfortably and enjoy their holiday. 

All things considered, your main concern as a host is that your guests sleep well. Having a comfortable mattress plays a key role in a good night's sleep.

Top 5 Guest Bedroom Ideas for the Holidays

Luckily, you do not need to go purchase a new mattress. Consider an eLuxury mattress pad or topper. Adding one of these items to your bed will give your mattress new life. Our bamboo mattress pad is extremely breathable to help your guests sleep comfortably through the night and also help to relieve pressure points and joint pain. keeping your guest well rested. This will allow them to wake up comfortably and focus on enjoying the Holidays with their family and friends. Let’s face it, during the Holiday season that is what is all about.

Your guests will not want to leave their new home away from home with this type of treatment! If you have any other Guest Bedroom Ideas for the Holidays, comment below!

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