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Top 5 Practical Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Top 5 Practical Gift Ideas for the Holidays


I think that we can all agree that receiving any gift if a great thing. Sometimes you love it, sometimes you may be able to use it, and sometimes it goes directly in a cabinet never to be seen again (or at least until spring cleaning of 2020). No one wants to be the person giving gifts that end up either in the trash, in the top of the closet, or under the bed. We are of the opinion that the more practical and useful a gift is, the better it will be received. Take a look at our Practical Gift Ideas below to make sure that you don’t disappoint anyone this Christmas Gifting Season! We might just save your gift-giving reputation.

Best Christmas Gifts: Gift Cards

Some people may frown upon giving Gift Cards for the holidays, but we cannot disagree more! Instead of getting someone something that there is a real risk that they have no use for, why would you not provide them the means to pick out what they want? Whether it be a gift card to a retail store or a gift card for a restaurant, why not let them gift themselves!

Many restaurant chains are owned by the same parent companies, so you can buy gift cards that can be used at 4-5 different restaurant chains so they can pick and choose what they want.

On that same note, getting a gift card for someone from a coffee shop chain or a smoothie chain will allow them to take advantage of your gift on multiple trips to that establishment. Your gift-giving ways will be celebrated well into the New Year and possibly beyond!

On that same note, there are huge websites like Amazon in which a gift card would allow them to buy LITERALLY anything with the card, since Amazon offers so, so very much! Have no shame in giving a gift card for the holidays because it is a way for the receiver of the gift to customize their experience! It is the most extreme example of the ultimate useful gift.

BEDDING-One of the most practical Gifts

Getting bedding for someone seems like a bit of a subjective gift but, if you think about it, there really is no gift that they would get more use out of. You spend ⅓ of your life in bed, so finding that perfect bedding gift would get so much use and you would be thanked every night for making someone’s sleep that much better!

 Consider a super comfortable pillow to add to their bedding, a set of Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets that will keep them cool and comfortable at night, or even a quilt set. For people in certain parts of the country, you truly cannot have enough warm bedding, so buying someone a stylish, warm, and comfortable quilt set can only add to the coziness that we all look for in our homes.

Pet Owners Need Gifts Too!

All of us pet owners are constantly making runs to the big box stores for our pet supplies and accessories that make our lives a bit easier. Why not give a somewhat unusual gift that will make not only the receiver of the gift happy, but their furry friends happy as well!

Practical Gift Ideas

 For something extra special, you could purchase a personalized pet bed with their pet’s name custom embroidered on it, which would make ANY pet owner happy! 

Practical Gift Ideas

If you are buying something for a person who travels in the car with their pet a lot, consider a Car Set Cover that will help protect their vehicle from damage and keep it nice and clean. There are also tons of gourmet dog treats out there that any pet lover would truly appreciate getting and making their pet happy with! 

And, back to our Gift Card idea: A Gift Card to a pet store that they can use for any supplies that they need would be truly appreciated, we are sure! If you’re wanting to give cool Christmas gifts to people, helping them be better pet parents will win them over!

Cell Phone Accessories-Music Matters!

In a world where nearly every man, woman, and child has a cell phone, why not buy something that you know that they can use. One great idea is a Blue Tooth Speaker set that will allow them to jam out to their music anywhere and everywhere! The technology on these has improved so much over the years and you can now get some great sounding speakers for under $30. Also, an iTunes gift card that will allow them to load up $20 or $30 worth of great music or audiobooks to their phone is a win-win as well!

You Can't Go Wrong With FOOD and Drink!

If there is something that we can all agree on, it is this: We love our food and we love our drinks! You can never go wrong with getting a month's supply of someone's favorite coffee, a bottle of their favorite wine, or a subscription to a Beer of the Month Club! There is no more practical of a gift than one that you can actually consume. If it came down between a novelty t-shirt that you won't wear or a month's worth of your favorite snacks, which would you prefer? I think we know the answer. The best way to anyone's heart is through food, as we all know! 

There are so many practical gift ideas out there, so don’t disappoint your friends and family this year with something that they cannot use. Whether you’re looking for gifts for her, gifts for men, gifts for Mom, or Gifts for Dad, you need to get them something that they can use!

If you have any Practical Gift Ideas that you would like to share, tell us in the comment section below!

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