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Top Ten Splurge Worthy Products

Top Ten Splurge Worthy Products

When doing our best “adulting”, we all try to be a little more fiscally responsible than our younger selves would have been. With rising costs of living and trying to prepare for retirement at an early age, we watch where our money is going with every single purchase. But, my friends, life is short and there are some luxuries that are ab-so-lute-ly worth every penny. Whether it’s something that makes you feel good, makes your life easier, or is just something that we all need to experience, some things are worth a few extra bucks. Take a look below at our Top Ten Splurge Worthy Products!

1. Don’t Skimp On a Mattress

Top Ten Splurge Worthy Products

You spend 1/3 of your life sleeping, so why would you want to sleep on some cheap, old, and/or uncomfortable mattress? In today’s online marketplace, you don’t need to spend thousands on a mattress like in the old days either! You can get a lot more bang for your buck by just doing a little online research to find one that is going to be the best for you. Life is too short to wake up sore and lacking sleep; Get a good mattress!

2. One For The Ladies: A Good Bra

What is one thing you wear every day, all day, from the time you get dressed until you get home? If you said a bra, then you are correct. As women, you should know the importance and difference a great bra makes. Often times we try to save money on this purchase, but are the few bucks that you are going to save worth being uncomfortable? A quality bra will get you the support you need to tackle the day and tasks at hand.

3. Cutting It In The Kitchen

We all know the frustration of cutting a tomato and having it just turn to mush. A dull knife in the kitchen is the cook’s worst nightmare. A great set of kitchen knives can be a little expensive, but soooo worth it. Do not skimp on the price tag for knives and you may find cooking dinner to be less of a chore and more of a joy!

4. Jet Setting With The Best

Flying is a magnificent way to travel. That is, until you get smacked with that 4-hour layover in a place you’ve never been with people you don’t know. No one wants to take a nap in those uncomfortable airport seats. You could, and should, pay more for a nonstop flight. It’s the best way to fly and you no longer have to worry about lugging you and your carry-on (sometimes children) across what can feel like miles of airport. Splurge for that non-stop flight. You’ll thank us later.

5. A Good Comforter

Are you sleeping using a super thin comforter or blanket that you have held onto since you were a kid? If so, getting a nice bedroom set is worth taking the time to find the right one and spending a few extra bucks. Not only will a bed set make your bedroom look presentable, it will make you feel like you are stepping into a luxury hotel every night at bedtime. We cannot recommend it highly enough!

6. Tick Tock, Tick Tock-Get a Good Watch

Nothing quite holds its value as well as an expensive timepiece. Watches are timeless, not to mention beautiful. A quality watch is something that you can pass down from generation to generation. If you are looking for your next family heirloom to pass on to your little ones, look no further than a quality watch. It’s a practical and fashionable thing to spend some of that hard-earned money on.

7. The Essentials:Toilet Paper

ONE PLY toilet paper: Don’t do this to yourself, people. Please, for the love of your guests and yourself, get the good stuff! It may be cheaper to go with the store brand, one ply TP, but it is just not worth it! Spend just a little bit more of those dollars and get the Charmin or your favorite brand. It’s something we all have to use, so why be miserable? Go for the brand name.

8. Luxury Sheets=A Luxurious Life

Back to this idea about being in bed ⅓ of your life: Why would you spend all that time sleeping on terrible sheets? You spend more time having direct contact with your sheets than any piece of clothing that you own. Sleeping on a set of $20 sheets that you bought at the local big box store just isn’t going to cut it. It is 100% worth it to spend a few bucks on the real thing, whether that be a set of Egyptian Cotton or Bamboo sheets, you can pick exactly what you are looking for to fit what you need to help you get rest.

9. Everybody’s Crazy ‘bout A Sharp Dressed Man

This one is for the fellas: Have you ever gone into a big box retailer to try and find a suit? Whether it’s for a wedding, funeral, or business, you want to make sure you are looking your best. Let’s be honest: It’s not a one-suit-fits-all kind of deal: You should be thinking about dropping the dough on a tailored suit made to fit you perfectly. Nothing looks worse than a suit that is hanging off of you or too tight for comfort. Spend the dough and look your best!

10. Rest Your Head on a Quality Pillow

Have you been using the same pillow for years that you purchased for a few bucks at a department store? If so, we would bet that it is lumpy and uncomfortable, so why not treat yourself to a new one that you can rest your head on easy and comfortably at night. There are so many choices out there that you can use to fit your sleep type perfectly. Are you a side sleeper? They make pillows specifically made for that! The same goes for back sleepers and stomach sleepers so you can get EXACTLY what you need to help you get some rest at night. Don’t sleep uncomfortably; It’s worth a few extra bucks!

Beautyrest Extra-Firm Support 300 Thread Count 2 Pack Cotton Pillows | eLuxury

There you have it folks, eLuxury’s Top Ten Splurge Worthy Products. So spend wisely, my friend, but also live a little. Do you have any Splurge-Worthy products that you are willing to spend a few extra bucks on? Let us know in the comments below!

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