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What is a Duvet Cover?

What is a Duvet Cover?


What is a Duvet Cover

This is Nick with eLuxury and welcome to the Customer Service FAQ. We are often asked in our Customer Service Department, “What is a duvet cover?”.  This is usually followed up with “Which duvet cover should I purchase?” By understanding what a duvet cover is, how it can benefit you, the differences between them, and how they are secured, you will be able to find the duvet cover that will cater to your needs for years to come.

definition of duvet Covers

When asked what the definition of a duvet cover is, I go back to my first few days at eLuxury. I was told during my training at eLuxury that a duvet cover is like a pillowcase for your comforter. A duvet cover, much like how your pillowcases keep you from sweating directly onto a pillow that is difficult to wash, keep your comforter clean.  Many comforters do not suggest to launder, or are dry clean only.  A duvet cover will help keep the comforter clean and the duvet cover can be taken off and washed very easily. 

A duvet cover can also help keep your closet from getting cluttered with different comforters for the different seasons. Instead of digging through your closet to find your summer comforter, duvet covers take up significantly less room in a drawer and have different types to meet your personal needs for every season and temperature! Now that you know the difference between a duvet and a comforter set, we can get down to some more specifics about the different kinds of duvet covers. 

Higher Thread Count Does Not Equal the Softest! 

The most popular question that we receive concerning this product is usually first, "what is a duvet cover?" and second, "Is the higher thread count softer?". A common misconception is that the higher the thread count, the higher the softness of the duvet cover.  This is not necessarily the case. The higher the thread count, the thicker and warmer the duvet cover will be. The lower thread count duvets are a bit cooler and softer to the touch than the higher thread counts. 

The fabric that the duvet sets are made of will also change the coolness and warmth of each.  Something to keep in mind when choosing from one of our duvet cover sets is this:  Does your comforter need to be warmer?  If so, you may want a higher thread count Egyptian Cotton duvet cover. If you tend to get very warm at night or are looking for a cooler sleep during the summer months, you could look at a 400 thread count or a Bamboo duvet cover.

Getting the Right duvet Insert Counts

What is a Duvet Cover

For the inside of the duvet cover, we suggest the   white down alternative duvet insert . We actually often refer to any plain, white comforter without a design as a duvet insert. By itself, it is one of our most popular products. Thousands of customers have purchased it for use as a comforter, but adding a duvet cover will make it that much better, cleaner, and comfortable!

The way that duvet covers keep the comforter in place varies.  Some styles have ties that connect to the comforter.  However, if the comforter is placed properly inside of the duvet cover, there should be no sliding around. To see how we suggest to put on a duvet cover here at eLuxury, feel free to check out our how-to video from Sean at this link: / pages/how-to-put-on-a-duvet- cover .  

As you can see, having multiple duvet covers can be great to set yourself up for the weather for every season! 

We're glad that we could clear up the question "What is a duvet cover?" for you! If you have any questions about duvet covers or anything else at all, please do not hesitate to call our customer service line at 1-800-977-7433, or email us at .  We are always happy to help!

Do you use a duvet cover? If so, what are the advantages or disadvantages? Let us know in the comment section below! 


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Jun 05, 2018

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