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12 Ideas To Maximize Space in Your Small Apartment’s Living Room

12 Ideas To Maximize Space in Your Small Apartment’s Living Room

Have you just moved into your new apartment? If you have, congratulations! Now you get to participate in the equally fun and complicated process of decorating your space. If you’re living in a city, chances are that your living room area might not be big enough for an L-shaped couch or other types of accent pieces. 

Just because you have a smaller living room doesn’t mean your decorating possibilities are limited. There are plenty of small apartment living room ideas that will make the most out of the space that you have.

Read on to learn more about all 12 ways to maximize a small room’s impact: 

Use Smaller Statement Pieces

One of the best ways to make the most out of the limited space is to purchase a few, small statement pieces.

Good news! Since you aren’t looking for a ton of pieces, you can spend more money on an exceptional chair or loveseat you’ve had your eye on. Or, perhaps you’ll swing for two to three comfortable chairs that can sit next to your sofa. Note: “Pieces” in this context also include artwork that matches the color palette of your space.

Whatever you choose, make sure that while small, these pieces have a ton of personality since you’ll need to be specific and intentional with your choices. 

You can opt for more minimalist art in neutral colors if that’s your color scheme of choice — subdued art is trendy right now. However, you can also add pops of color to make your small space feel a bit more vibrant and lively. Colorful artwork often becomes the focal point in a small space.

Set Bigger Pieces in the Corner 

Another space-saving tip to make your room look bigger is to play with proportions. If you have bigger pieces of furniture, maximize the space by setting these items in one corner. For instance, you can have your couch angled as far as it can go in one corner and put two chairs next to each end of the sofa. 

Since everything will be concentrated in one area of the room, you have plenty of space to add other pieces to the living room. It also gives off the illusion that the living room is bigger than it actually is. 

Or Keep Furniture Away From the Walls 

Maybe you don’t like the idea of all your armchairs, couches, and extra seating being pushed up against the corner in your living room to free up space in your overall floor plan. That’s okay; there are other ways to make your space look bigger! 

If you decide the corner isn’t ideal, keep the furniture away from the walls and try to create a sharp C-shape with whatever pieces you have. This will leave ample walking space behind the furniture and also leaves you with plenty of room for coffee tables and other pieces in the middle of the space. You’ll even have room for a sizable area rug that covers a significant portion of the square footage of the room. 

Opt for Lightweight Furniture That’s Easily Movable 

Sometimes, especially in a smaller living room, you are going to want to rearrange furniture and just the general layout of the room to keep things fresh and maybe create a different layout that you think offers more space.

Make this process as easy as possible with lightweight furniture. Giant bookcases and mega-sectional sofas may not be the best options in this case.

Doing so will make these switch-ups, and rearranging will make redecorating (and moving) far simpler. In fact, it could encourage you to switch up your furniture more often. Reports show that rearranging furniture is an act of self-care, giving us feelings of self-control. 

Purchase a Sofa With Storage Compartments 

Another way to maximize all of the space that you can is get a sofa that has storage compartments. There are plenty of couches that have compartments lying beneath the couch, in which you can store anything from extra blankets to books and so much more. 

If you have things like seasonal decor as well and your apartment does not have high amounts of storage space, you could also stow away these types of pieces under the couch. Or, simply opt for a large Storage Ottoman for a seamless solution.

Rely On Storage Ottomans 

Not only will storage ottomans help you with keeping your living room as spacious as possible, but they can be good items to put in any open space that you have in front of your sofa or chairs.

All of the pieces of furniture in a small apartment living room should offer as much function as they do aesthetic purpose: Ottomans are a perfect blend of these two traits. We have plenty of ottomans in all types of styles and sizes here at eLuxury. So, put your feet up and browse our collection of ottomans to find your favorite. 

Pick Out the Ideal Coffee Table 

In a small living room, sometimes getting a coffee table could become quite the debate just because of the space it could end up taking up. So if you decide to get a coffee table, be precise about its size and where you want it.

 When looking at specific tables, look at their measurements and see if they will make sense in your space. The last thing you want is a beautiful coffee table getting in the way of your guests and limiting the available walking space. 

If you do decide to get a coffee table, something that could help with maximizing space is getting one with storage compartments. Most importantly, make sure there is ample space between the couch, accent chairs, and coffee table. 

Use Tall Ceilings To Flaunt Your Interior Design Ideas

The living room in your apartment may not have the most floor space, but that does not mean that you can’t use the walls to give off the illusion that there is more breathing room.

Make the most of your wall space by adding open shelving with pictures and other decorations. Don’t stop there, though; make sure your wall decor, if possible, can reach the ceilings. Floor-to-ceiling decor gives the feeling that your living room is much bigger than it truly is. 

Add Plants To Make Your Living Room Feel Bigger

Believe it or not, plants are one of the best ways that you can add depth to your small living room. Placing them in the corner of the room will make people feel as though your living room is basically a grand ballroom (almost).

Too many plants can make the space feel cluttered and overwhelming, but three to four bigger ones, perhaps tucked into corners or behind a chair or sofa, will work wonders for your space and promote a sense of peace. 

Have Spare Seats Handy 

One of the downfalls of having a small living room is that there is often limited seating space. Even if you have a sofa and two seats in addition, hosting an event with a decently sized heat count could become a problem if there is no place for your guests to sit comfortably.

To be prepared to host in your living room is to keep a couple of extra chairs in storage, perhaps in a closet. You can take these out when you have more people over and put them away when they’re gone to maintain the precious floor real estate you have. 

Use Clear Furniture 

Here’s another design tip for planning your living room layout: Make your space look bigger but still maximize your seating potential with pieces made of glass or see-through plastic. This type of furniture doesn’t take up a lot of space visually at all.

Stage clear pieces in your living area without sacrificing the illusion of open space. Plus, the natural light from your windows and artificial light from floor lamps can shine through these pieces and brighten your space.

However, glass tabletops can pose a safety hazard with rambunctious children running through. Additionally, plastic chairs (and glass surfaces) can be annoying to clean as fingerprints and smudges are often difficult to ignore. 

Consider That You May Not Need a Sofa 

If your living room is too small to fit any big pieces of furniture, here’s a helpful decorating tip: there is nothing wrong with using a couple of luxe chairs in your space for sitting areas instead. This home design idea will dramatically open up your living room and will make it far easier to rearrange anything that you have within the area. In particular, swivel chairs make it easy for furniture to adapt and move as you do — all while prioritizing your layout needs. 

Small Living Room Design: An Easy DIY Room Makeover

Having a small living room in your apartment puts you in a position to get creative with your area! Some of our most important tips and decor ideas to remember are to get plenty of pieces that have built-in storage compartments.

This category includes ottomans, sofas, and coffee tables that include hidden storage components. Try and put your furniture in one corner of the room to create more open space and use more unique items, such as plants, side tables, and clear furniture.

A small living room pushes you to create a more original space, so follow these tips, and you should be able to decorate your area with ease!


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