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Become a Luxury Expert: Luxury vs. LUXURY

Become a Luxury Expert: Luxury vs. LUXURY

 Look, we get it.  We’re from southern Indiana--where high thread count sheets might seem about as necessary as gold-plated hot dogs.

But around these parts we say, “don’t spend your money twice.” This means we expect high quality, and long term durability and know that sometimes that costs a little bit more. At eLuxury we love this stuff!  Weaves, thread counts, and fabric are interesting to us like postseason sports or American Idol are to other people. When you think of luxury bedding you may only see big dollar signs followed by commas and zeros. However, price is not the only number to consider.

Know Your Percentages

The quality of the fabric is actually the most important factor.  At, we have it all.  From basic microfiber and cotton blends, to full on 100% Bamboo and Egyptian Cotton.  The easiest way to make sure you’re getting what’s advertised is to ask for pictures of the packaging and law tags.  The more information, the better.  A lot of products on the internet are faked or exaggerated, but very few sellers take the time to fake the secondary pieces of the product as well. Believe it or not, expertise in luxury bedding and bath is not as easily found as one may think.  With so much misrepresentation and exaggeration on the internet, it’s hard to know exactly what even defines good quality.  Even more, it’s hard to find who carries it! Ask for all of it!  If you’re interested in a cotton blend, ask for the percentages.  If you want 100% natural or organic, ask for certifications.  Any good retailer should be eager to comply.  At, we love these questions!  It lets us know that you are interested in a legitimate product, and we can definitely help with that.

Know the Thread Count

It might seem obvious, but most shoppers do not understand thread counts as well as they should.  It is easiest to think of thread counts as an inverse relationship between durability and softness.  However, it is also extremely important to understand thread counts in reference to both price and weight when shopping for bedding.  

The old (overused) adage rings true again--If it looks too good to be true, it probably is. This is extremely apparent in luxury high thread count bed sheets. Low and middle thread counts are not bad at all.  As mentioned earlier, quality of the fabric is far more important, and thread counts are extremely subjective.  

A low thread count is going to be any count at or below 400.  These will be very high on the softness scale, but lower on the durability scale.  Specific weights depend on the fabric, but lower thread counts should weigh proportionally less than their higher-count-counterparts. Although very dense, heavy, and coarse, high thread counts definitely have their place.  They are great for the colder months, and get softer with every wash.  

Our heaviest sets of Egyptian cotton sheets weigh over 12 pounds and definitely pack a punch. High thread counts sheets create softness and comfort just like a favorite pair of jeans.

A great pair of jeans only improves wash after wash. They should be heavy, and they will not be available for $20 no matter how good the deal looks. There you have it.  You basically have a Ph.D in bed linens now.  

Keep this information in mind, and you should have no trouble at all finding the right, authentic bed sheets for yourself.  Everyone wants to feel luxurious--and there are so many ways to achieve it.  

Here at, we are fortunate enough to help people feel a little more luxurious everyday.

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