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For Him: Modern Upgrades

For Him: Modern Upgrades

Ready or not, people, it is officially time to start thinking about those gift ideas for everyone in your circle of friends and family.

At, we have a bevy of products that will make the perfect gifts for anyone and everyone. We want to take a little time every week to start throwing some ideas out there for you to get some early gift planning going, and this week we are going to suggest a few products for the "HIM" in your life. Whether it be your husband, father, boyfriend or brother, at eLuxury, we have something for all of them.

Often times you may find that the man in your life may not "update" his clothes, socks, shoes or especially bedding quite as often as they should. I myself am quite guilty of this as being someone that falls on the "male" side of the ledger. Without prompting, I will stick with the same socks for a 3 decade span despite holes, stains and or anything else that a reasonable person should have deemed the items unusable many years prior. Bedding is no different. So many men have been using the same pillow, comforter or pilling, ripped up sheet set for multiple years, and why not use the holidays as an excuse to help them update and upgrade their sleep experience.

One amazing gift for the man in your life would be one of our Bamboo products. Our two best sellers, our Bamboo Sheet Sets and our Extra Plush Bamboo Mattress Pad, can both provide an amazing amount of soothing and soft comforter and can also keep the sleeper cool in the process. The Bamboo used to make both products naturally breathes better than a cotton product of the same type and help to keep the man in your life comfortable and substantially less sweaty while getting a great night's sleep. From personal experience, I have found that I have retired my old beat up fan that I used to keep myself cool all of these years and there is a sudden quiet while trying to sleep that I didn't have before. These products actually work and would make an amazing gift for anyone, but especially that man in your life who just can't keep cool at night.

Another great idea for gifting some of our eLuxury products for him are our wide selection of luxury pillows. So many men have been using that same old pillow for multiple years and may have no idea what kind of comfort could  be awaiting them... and you could be the person who provides it! We have a wide variety of multiple sizes, shapes and fillings that can provide a customized sleeping experience like no other. We offer our Extra Soft Down Pillow for the stomach sleeper in your life, our 50/50 Goose Down and Feather pillows and our Hotel White Goose Down Pillows for the ultimate in feather and down-based softness.  For those men who are sensitive to feathers, we offer our Hypoallergenic Down Alternative pillow, which also comes in a 2 pack, which would make for an amazing gift. Tell your "HIM" that a new pillow can drastically affect his sleep for the better and it is definitely time to upgrade!

That man in your life spends roughly 1/3 of his life in bed, and why shouldn't he be in the most comfortable situation as possible? Do him a huge favor and UPGRADE to our ExceptionalSheets at

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