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Staying Warm in Winter

Staying Warm in Winter

Cold? Ask anyone to describe the winter season in one word and that word will almost always be “cold”. The wind is cold, the snow is cold, your car is cold, even the colors of nature are cold. But what if we told you that your one word description could be “cozy”? What if you could escape all of that coldness? What if all it took to accomplish this feat was a thick set of 1000 Thread Count Cotton Sheets and/or a 1000 thread count Cotton Duvet Cover? We’ve got you covered.

Here at we appreciate the value of warmth and coziness. There comes a time when your old blankets just simply will not cut it anymore, or your new blankets should be stored for next spring. There is nothing wrong with having a thin set of Bamboo Sheets to keep you cool and breezy in the summer and a thicker set of cotton sheets to give your bed that extra dash of comfort amidst the harshness of winter. And while some may call it overkill, we’ve actually heard several of our customers say they use a different weight of sheet for each of the four seasons!

Some people purchase higher thread count cotton sheets expecting them to be the bee’s knees of softness, then call back a few days later with the opinion that they were mislead. While higher thread count (800-1500tc) cotton sheets do become quite soft after a few runs through the washer, they are not meant to be purchased for that reason alone. They are meant to be quite warm and cozy. Within the higher thread count cotton sheets, there are a few choices to be made. A cotton sheet with a thread count of 1200 or 1500 is a great choice for someone who can’t sleep with more than one blanket covering them through the night. The sheet will be thick enough to provide a great amount of warmth without the need to add other covers. The 800 or 1000 thread count options provide a good amount of warmth and still allow enough breathability for the addition of a second layer.

A great pair for the 800 thread count cotton sheets is a 800 thread count cotton duvet cover. My wife loves nothing more on a cold winter night than curling into the bed and burrowing as far under her 800 thread count sheet and duvet cover set as she can possibly fit. For anyone who likes to sleep with a little weight on them, an cotton duvet cover is probably the answer.

At thread counts ranging from 300 to 1500, you can be sure that has the perfect one to match your preferred level of warmth. Now, if you’re the kind of person who gets cold very easily or you simply want the absolute warmest, coziest solution available, then there can be no other recommendation than a 1500 Thread Count Cotton Duvet Cover. Unless you’re sleeping in sub-freezing conditions, this duvet cover will be sure to keep you comfortable throughout the night. Sleeping under one of these 1500 thread count cotton duvet covers can be likened to sleeping under a warm, feather-filled hug.

Regardless of your decision or personal comfort style, has a wide variety of high thread count cotton sheets and duvet covers to keep you cozy this coming winter. Stop by and have a look!

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