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Summer in Winter

Summer in Winter

Winter is gearing up and summer is winding down but that does not mean your warm weather purchases have to decline with the temperature.

The holiday season is fast approaching and it's time to start thinking about the gifts you plan on giving and the gifts you'd like to receive. Now is your chance to save on the many warm weather items we offer over at our store. The Luxury Beach Towel by Exceptional Sheets is a perfect purchase for the summertime beach-goer or anyone who has an upcoming Spring break vacation planned.  This beach towel is 100% cotton and comes in 21 different patterns ranging from flowers to seahorses. Picture yourself lounging near the ocean on a Navy Ship themed beach towel--a great thought in the minds of most.

Our Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets are some of the most comfortable sheets anyone can buy and the 300 thread count makes them very breathable--perfect for the summer temperatures.  These bamboo sheets are softer than silk, cashmere, and cotton and come in various sizes and colors.  They make an excellent holiday gift for anyone who lives in a warmer climate or anyone who likes to be stay cool during sleep.  These sheets are very reasonably priced for being one of the softest sheets you can sleep on.

As the summer months fade, many of our products geared toward warmer temperatures have been marked down. Why not pick up a quality product at a discounted rate? Whether it’s buying a holiday gift or just getting ready for the warm months again, now is the perfect time to jump over to our store and browse our large catalog of products!

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