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Become a Luxury Expert: Mattress Pads Made in America

Become a Luxury Expert: Mattress Pads Made in America

Wow, best night of sleep ever! Who knew adding a mattress pad to my mattress could make such a difference? Adequate sleep is a key part of a healthy lifestyle. It will improve your overall health and mood. At eLuxury, we manufacture our very own mattress pads and toppers. A company that manufactures and stands behind its products, what more could you want? Everyone here at values a good night’s rest. Got a hard mattress? Expensive but not so comfortable mattress? Old but not enough money to replace it mattress? Odd sized mattress? WE CAN HELP! 

A mattress pad is a simple, affordable add-on that can make your not-so-great mattress fabulous again! We make some of best mattress pads and toppers on the planet! Our mattress pads and mattress toppers can be found in some of the most luxurious hotels across the country. We get phone calls all the time from customers who have slept on one of our mattress pads and are trying to replicate the great night of rest they had while traveling. Our mattress pads can be found in Marriott hotels along with The Davenport Hotel and Waldorf Astoria to name a few.  

Why are our mattress pads better? We use some of highest quality products in our mattress topper manufacturing process. Each one of our mattress pads is filled with a generous amount of hypo-allergenic cluster fiber that we spin ourselves. By spinning it we create a softer sleeping area and a more breathable surface. After the fiber is blown into the pad we use our multi-needle quilters to create our wave brick design. This allows us to trap the fiber so it does not shift and clump up in one spot. Another great feature of our mattress toppers is that they are machine washable! What mattress pads do we offer? Extra Plush Bamboo Mattress Top Pad, and the  Moisture Barrier Mattress Pad and the same pad you will find in many hotels across the country, The Marriot Mattress Pad. The Bamboo Mattress Top Pad is a best seller for us…not to mention the highest-rated mattress pad on the market. Why does everyone love the bamboo mattress pad? Probably due to the fact that the top layer is made with 30% bamboo; when that combines with the cluster fiber fill, it truly can create a perfect sleeping surface. 

  Our standard mattress pad, known as the Marriott mattress pad, is constructed the same as the bamboo mattress pad but the top layer is a 123 thread count 100% cotton cover. This pad will save you money by allowing you to keep that old mattress a bit longer. Last but not least, Moisture Barrier Mattress Pad. Same great features as the Marriott mattress pad but with an added layer of protection against spills and accidents. Don’t forget about the little ones in your life. We make mattress pads to fit their beds too. If you do not have a standard mattress size, no worries we can make any size you need. Since we do the whole manufacturing process ourselves we can adjust our machines to make any size to fit your bed. Another reason we stand out from the competition. Definitely more than you ever wanted to know about mattress pads. Any size mattress pad you need, we can make it! Bring luxury home with!

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