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Pamper Yourself: The Softest Sheets You'll Ever Own

Pamper Yourself: The Softest Sheets You'll Ever Own
It’s that time of year; the time when the outside grows cold, dark, and gloomy… and did we mention cold? Unfortunately winter is rapidly approaching and all enjoyable outdoor activities will come to cease. Although winter may spoil the fun outside, it does provide the perfect excuse. The excuse to pamper yourself with a luxurious set of Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets! Why pamper yourself with a luxurious set of Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets? Let’s start with some sleep facts. The follow three facts from the National Sleep Foundation may shock you and may make you reconsider your entire sleeping arrangement! The facts:
  • Adults will spend roughly 1/3 of their lives sleeping.
  • Individuals who do not regularly get enough sleep are more likely to have bigger appetites and consume more because their leptin levels (leptin is an appetite-regulating hormone) drop, causing an increase in appetite.
  • You cannot “cheat” the amount of sleep you get. When an individual does not get enough sleep, he/she accumulates a sleep debt that can be increasing difficult to “pay back” if it becomes too big. The result, high blood pressure, decreased productivity, and a negative mood.

With only the three facts above in mind, consider your current sleeping arrangement. Does your current sheet set feel clean and crisp? Do they regulate thermal temperature to ensure a perfect night’s rest time after time? Finally, does your current sheet set pamper you the way deserve? Our Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets have a feel that is quiet simply described as, well.


Bamboo Sheets 


We can honestly say that once you lay down on a set of our smooth, crisp, Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets you won’t even consider touching your old and boring sheet set again. Only the highest quality bamboo is used in our Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets, which gives our 300 thread count bamboo sheets a silky softness for all year long. What is the difference between our Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets and the competitors’ boring cotton sheets? Our bamboo sheets are a fraction of the cost of the competitors’  cotton sheets. In addition, our bamboo fabric can naturally adjust to your body temperature ensuring the perfect’s night rest each and every night. Bamboo has millions of micro gaps which allow it to be one of the planet’s best moisture and heat wicking materials. This means that bamboo sheets will naturally keep you cooler. in the summer and allow you to get warmer quicker in the winter. What about silk sheets? Not even in the same category as our Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets! Bamboo sheets breathe an average of 10-20 times better than old fashioned, outdated silk sheets.

As you can see, the perfect night’s sleep is just around the corner with a set of Ultra Soft Bamboo Sheets from eLuxury. Winter is rapidly approaching, don’t be the only one stuck without a set of these amazing sheet sets! Need we say any more about pampering yourself with such an amazing set of sheets.

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