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Your Opinion Matters: The Importance of Product Reviews

Your Opinion Matters: The Importance of Product Reviews

Here at eLuxury, we love hearing from our customers about how we are doing and how they feel about our products. This is why we go out of our way to encourage all of our customers to leave product reviews on our website. Reviews are a great way for customers to learn nearly everything there is to know about a product before they make a purchase, which--in the not so distant past--was nearly impossible.

In the days before e-commerce, you would purchase a product at a store and take it home. From there, your love for it--or lack thereof--was something you could tell your family and friends about, but that's about it. E-commerce sites like ours allow you to share your experiences with other customers and potential customers, which didn't use to be a possibility. Imagine looking at a product in a brick and mortar store.

While debating whether or not to buy the product, you find you have ten different people who have personal experience with said product at your disposal. They begin to tell you all about the positives and the negatives alike. That would be nice, right? It's a reality at!

Product reviews are important for anyone thinking of purchasing anything from a DVD player to a softball bat, but think about how important it is to know something about your bedding before you actually use it.

Hearing about someone's personal experience with a pillow, a comforter, or a mattress pad is vital to knowing whether you want to invest in the product. Bedding is something that you will literally use 6-9 hours a day, every day of your life, so knowing something about the product before you buy is very important! We actually award a "Review of the Month" to a customer each month who got a little creative with his or her review.  The winner of the review of the month receives a complimentary gift for the most creative and inventive review... and we get some great ones!

A product review is a direct line we have with our customers that wouldn't be possible in any other retail situation and we try to encourage it with every single customer. It's not just for us... it's for every person to view the product after you! From our most reviewed products, such as our Extra Plush Bamboo Top Mattress Pad, to our newest items, like the Sleepmade Latex Mattress Topper, we always encourage customers to leave us their thoughts, experiences, and feelings about the product. 

Reviews don't stop on our website, either. We encourage customers who buy our products on all other marketplaces to leave their reviews there as well.  Be it on Amazon, Sears, Rakuten, eBay, or any other marketplace where our products are sold--you can leave a review and help the customers there to better know the product(s).

So, if you're going to buy a product from eLuxury, we would love if you could leave us a review about your experience with the product. You're not only helping us, you're helping your fellow customers!

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