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Inspirations of Marsala: Pantone Color of the Year 2015

Inspirations of Marsala: Pantone Color of the Year 2015

Pantone is the world’s expert leader in color. They have been in business since 1963 when they developed their original color standardization fan booklet. Starting in 1999, a committee at Pantone Inc. has chosen a “color of the year” for the following year. Following their impressive choices from the last decade and a half, Pantone has chosen Marsala as the Pantone 2015 Color of the Year. Marsala is a seductive shade of red-brown. While Marsala gets it’s name from a rich red wine, it’s earthy red-brown accents give it a humanizing earthiness. This well-chosen color will allow you to turn any old room into a modern romance scene. Learn how to spruce up your bedroom and bathroom with inspirations of Marsala…

Sheets are the centerpiece of your bed and finding marsala sheets will be tough. Luckily, we carry multiple products in our burgundy color; which is very close to marsala. Marsala is a bit more tame than our burgundy color, but the same effect can be felt by the dark tones of red and the brown accents. You can see our 300 Thread Count Burgundy Sheets, 600 GSM Cotton Burgundy Towels, and Egyptian Cotton Burgundy Terry Cloth Robe below..


Three Burgundys inspired by Marsala 

If you’re using Marsala as an accent to other colors, here are some great suggestions:

Our 400 Thread Count Sage Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set is a great color to use in conjunction with Marsala. Combining these two colors will really give the room a sophisticated earthy look. If you’re looking for a lighter color pallet for your bathroom, check out our Ultra Soft Lemon Bamboo Towels. Hopefully, this gives you some great ideas on how to make your bedroom and bathroom beautiful with Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala. If you have any ideas or suggestions to share, comment on this post and help your fellow readers!

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