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Bedroom Feng Shui

Bedroom Feng Shui

There are many do’s and don'ts when it comes to setting up your bedroom. Of course there are going to be ideas or styles that you will want to use for it to fit “you” the best. On the other side, you might not care as much or you might just want to have the most relaxing atmosphere possible for your bedroom.

One very common theme for bedrooms is a Feng Shui theme, which focuses the atmosphere to be good for rest and relaxation. Feng Shui is an ancient practice that some believe in and some do not care about, when looking into it further I say, why not increase the balance of your rooms energy to achieve greater health and fortune.

Supporting a good Feng Shui atmosphere requires that five elements- earth, metal, water, wood, and fire are all represented in the room. Today we will cover the most important factors in bedroom Feng Shui

  1. Re-position your bed
  2. Clear Clutter and clean
  3. Encourage Equality
  4. Use appropriate colors and imagery
  5. Transform your bedroom into an oasis


Balance is an important factor when designing your perfect relaxing bedroom, and it starts with how much you have in your bedroom. A lot of bedrooms are used as a big closet for a persons personal items and that clutter can cause an uneasy atmosphere. You want to keep as little as possible in the bed room. Once you have the right amount of things in the bedroom, you will want to arrange it in a certain way that promotes rest and relaxation. The position of your bed inside of your bedroom is a lot bigger deal than most would make it out to be. There is a power position that involves the bed to be facing the door, this allows you to see the opportunities that the universe is sending into your bedroom, allowing you to receive inspiration and guidance. One other essential element to balance is the lighting in your room. You will want to have two to three different lighting sources for different situations, and be sure not to rely solely on the overhead or main light.


Everything including the colors in your bedroom should promote rest, relaxation, rejuvenation, and intimacy. When choosing bedroom accessories such as a pleated comforter or bamboo soft sheets be sure to to choose earthy colors like browns, creams, tans are soothing and peaceful, while colors like red, pink, and language. This also applies to the photos and decorations in your room. It is essential to choose peaceful and relaxing images to transform your bedroom into a personal oasis. You can even step the images up another level and choose a sensual or romantic image to promote romance, make sure the imagery reflects your desires. 

The Complete Bedroom Transformation

Everything we have talked about today is part of the complete transformation. The final part of the transformation will be the bed that you will be laying in for multiple hours every night. Comfort is essential to a good night of rest and relaxation. One of the better sleep aids that you can have on your bed is putting on the thickest mattress topper to increase comfort. There are many on the market and the double thick mattress pad gets raved about online for its comfort and quality. So do what you can to help you and your partner have your own personal sanctuary, get away from your hectic days and relax together, enjoy your bedroom and above all else, each other.

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