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5 Simple Steps: to Quickly Cleaning Your Bedroom

5 Simple Steps: to Quickly Cleaning Your Bedroom
  1. Be Proactive
Do you dread cleaning the mess monster that lives in your room?  One of the easiest ways to way to quickly clean your room is to stay on top of cleaning habits. If you regularly clean,  there will be less of a mess to clean every time! Set a schedule, or get yourself into a good pattern. It may take a while to adjust to getting yourself into the habit, but once you are in a routine, it becomes second nature to stay ahead of potential mess build up.
  1. Time Management
Why clean counter productively? Analyze your room and create a plan of attack!  Start by loading up your laundry, which may include our lovely extra plush fitted mattress topper, pinch pleat bedding, or our “bamboo soft” sheets, then move back towards the room.  Time management is key to being done quick. If you plan out the order you’re going to clean things, you will move along much faster than playing it by ear! Prioritizing your tasks makes you much more efficient!
  1. Clean Top to Bottom
Start cleaning at the top of your room, and work progressively downward. Why work against yourself? There is nothing more frustrating than cleaning off your extra plush fitted mattress topper, then cleaning the rest of the room, only to realize you’d made a brand new mess in the process. Starting high, and working towards the floor will decrease your time spent cleaning immensely. Always try your best not to back track!
  1. Spot Cleaning
Often times you won’t be dealing with a huge mess, so spot cleaning is the key! Especially when it comes to a thick mattress, or a plush mattress topper, sometimes all out cleaning isn’t the easiest option. Often times just spot cleaning will be more than adequate to keep things looking great! How to go about doing so just depends on the type of mess!
  1. Have Fun
You know what everyone says, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” So turn on some upbeat music and live it up! You might not even realize you are doing it, but often your actions will sync up with the rhythm of sound!  If you try to make the most of what you’re doing, you will not dwell on the task at hand! Try to enjoy it, sing if it makes you happy! Not viewing the task as something to be viewed in a negative light makes any situation better! Now that you know the quickest route a freshly cleaned room...Get to it.

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