You might be wondering what all the craze is about.  Why do we, here, at eLuxury continue to expand our line of bamboo-associated products---from our top-selling Bamboo mattress pad to Bamboo sheets, and even our ultra soft bamboo towel sets---what is all the fuss about?  Why should you choose to put bamboo on your bed and in your bathrooms?  I guess in two words you could sum it up – Renewable resource. As we know, our galaxy is comprised of tons of stars and planets…but ours is different than all that we know…ours sustains life.  We have this beautiful Earth that provides the essentials we need for life and more.  We were even lucky enough to have a supply of limited natural resources like oil to help make our lives substantially easier and more advanced than ever possible.  Yet we consume.  And consume.  And CONSUME.  Where is the love for Mother Earth?  A quick Google search and you’ll find that scientists estimate two-thirds of our resources have been depleted.  And that was in 2005!  We have to find a balance, people.  We have to give back to Mother Earth for giving so much of her value to us.  How do we do it? Renewable resources. How fast does Bamboo grow? Around 24-36 inches…A DAY.  It also converts about 35% more CO2 into oxygen than a normal tree. 

Bamboo is some sort of wild hybrid between a grass and a tree.  It has many great uses and products manufactured from bamboo are created from fibers derived almost directly from the plant.  It is basically good-to-go as it is and if you look close enough at a felled bamboo stalk you can almost see the hand-written note from Mother Nature. “You’re Welcome” – M.N. What is my point? What am I getting at? Well if you are on our website, you are in search of a product that we likely carry in a bamboo form.  You are also probably an intelligent online shopper if you have found your way to our site, and you know to do your research before buying online.  You have looked for sheets or towels or other products and have come across the term “rayon”. Rayon is in fact derived from the inner reeds of the bamboo plant (cellulose mostly from wood pulp), from which it is allowed to be considered “semi-synthetic”. After the tree is mechanically crushed, it goes through a natural washing process that breaks down the walls and extracts the bamboo fibers, where they are then spun into yarn to make various products such as: sheets, pillow covers, mattress pads, etc. In the end, when it comes to rayon vs bamboo, rayon is the end result of processing the bamboo plant.

When you buy rayon, you are buying bamboo; one of the softest materials in the world. So if you have been intrigued enough to read this far, I hope you will take my advice during a time when we must be more environmentally conscious than we ever have…and buy bamboo!