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The Pillow: Jack of All Trades

The Pillow: Jack of All Trades

Do you ever have those nights where you toss and turn but never can find the right angle that allows you to fall asleep?  Or do you have those mornings where you wake up with an aching neck?  There could be numerous problems that can lead to sleeplessness and one of them might be your pillow.  If you fluff, fold, stack and mold your pillow it might be time to consider purchasing a new pillow, a pillow that will complement your sleeping style.

If you are one who sleeps on your back, this is the time to take notes.  Back Sleepers need a pillow that will support the head and shoulders as well as the curvature of the spine.  A pillow that offers medium support will complement the sleeping style of back sleepers the best.  Further, medium density pillows are the most common type of pillow out there. Pillows such as the  White Goose Down Pillow available from eLuxury will be a good fit for the Back Sleepers.

Next, side sleepers. Side sleepers will benefit from a pillow that is firm or super firm because a firm pillow will keep the spine, neck and head in a horizontal plane. If a side sleeper were to use a soft pillow their head would rest below the horizontal plane and create an uncomfortable sleeping position. eLuxurySupply offers a couple of pillows such as 50/50 Goose Feather Blend Pillow and the Down Alternative Pillow (with a firm filling), that will complement the side sleepers position while lying in bed.

Finally it is time to discuss the perfect pillow for stomach sleepers. Stomach sleepers typically need a soft pillow that will not allow any unnatural curving or twisting of the head, neck and spine. The Extra Soft Down Pillow from eLuxurySupply is the pillow any stomach sleeper will need to have a perfect nights sleep.

Purchasing a new pillow while using the tips discussed above should allow you to improve your night’s sleep and eliminate and pain associated with sleeping.

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