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Why Use a Duvet Cover?

Why Use a Duvet Cover?

With winter conditions still battering much of the US, it is hard to have thoughts of spring rain or summer sun.  Because of this, the heavy bedding such as a down comforter is probably going to be on your bed a bit longer.  But what if that comforter doesn't match the décor of your bedroom or bed set?  Key, the duvet cover!

So what is a duvet cover?  As a Pillowcase is to a pillow, a duvet cover is to a comforter.  A duvet cover is a protective cover that slips over a duvet/comforter, has a closure such as buttons or a zipper and can be constructed from a number of different materials.

So now that we know what they are, why should you use a duvet cover?  If you have ever tried to wash a comforter, especially down, you know they can be difficult and expensive to clean.  A duvet cover on the other hand, is easily removed and are usually machine washable.   A duvet cover is also much cheaper than a new comforter.  Therefore, a duvet cover is the perfect insurance plan for that expensive comforter. Many of us live in climates with varying temperatures. 

Here in the Midwest we deal with hot, humid summers and long, cold snowy winters.  So that heavy down comforter you use in the winter months may be too much for those hot summer nights.  By using a duvet cover, you have ability to use the seasonally appropriate comforter without changing the look of your entire bed and bedroom.

So what if you don’t mind a change to the look of your bedroom from time to time?  A duvet cover is perfect for you as well! A duvet cover is its ability to change the entire look of your bed or bedroom.  We often change the color of our sheets, walls, or furniture to match our mood or season.  So what if you make a change and your bed doesn't quite fit?  Instead of buying an entire bedroom set, you can purchase a duvet cover set to match the look you are seeking.

At eLuxury, our duvet cover sets include two pillow shams and a duvet cover.  You can choose from either Egyptian cotton in a variety of thread counts or bamboo.  Both materials offer an array of colors and sizes to match any of your needs.

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