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Employee Favorites: What WE Use

Employee Favorites: What WE Use

We spend all of our time telling you to buy this comforter or that pillow, but which of the eLuxury products do our employees own? What do we think of the products we sell? Well, today the blog team did a little investigative work and uncovered the answers to these questions for your reading pleasure.

The most-loved product by a significant margin was the Bamboo Mattress Pad. The word “bamboo soft” was first off of each person's lips. The majority of the eLuxury employees said the bamboo fitted mattress topper was quite possibly the softest thing ever. One person went as far as saying that it “feels like a cloud is carrying [his] body.” Other people described the Bamboo Mattress Pad as being much cooler and more breathable than previously-owned mattress pads.

Following the Bamboo Mattress Topper was the Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Pillow. Several people enjoyed this product on a nightly basis. The consensus was that the Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Pillow was very supportive and never left the sleeper’s neck sore in the morning. Employees described how they slept on both their backs and sides without issue. One employee, who has owned the pillow for more than a year, says that the Down Alternative Pillow has yet to flatten like most other pillows he has owned.

In a close third was the 900 GSM Cotton Towel Set. Everyone who mentioned ownership of these 900 GSM Towels made sure to mention that they were the most absorbent bath towel set in their cabinet or drawer. One employee, who owns one of the darker colored 900 GSM towels, says that he often find himself using that bath towel to clean up spilled water or other liquid messes because of that absorbency. Several of our female employees admitted that they liked the 900 Gram Egyptian Cotton Towels because they are comfortable to wear around for a while after a long bath.

 We don’t just push empty product statements at our customers because we want money. We truly love and enjoy the products we sell. We use these products daily. All we really want is to share them with you.

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