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Review of the Week: Bamboo Mattress Topper

Review of the Week: Bamboo Mattress Topper
Our review of the week, for the Ultra Soft Bamboo Mattress Pad was submitted by Penwright1029 from Bloomington, MN. This review is one of the most creative reviews we have ever received. See this extraordinary poem review below...


Prose for the Exra Plush Bamboo Mattress Pad

I've quite forgotten how to get out of bed, Now that I sleep almost like the dead. When I have to leave it, I feel so sad. I so miss my Extra Plush Bamboo Pad. Soreness and pains are now all gone, Even though I bed at the crack of dawn. For my pad is great in so many ways, Even for those of us who sleep days. Hubby can bounce and throttle all sleep time through, Cause it's not like I once knew. My sleep was disturbed by his flipping around, Now if he does it, I still sleep sound. exluxurysupply-what can I say-they're tops, Always great ideas into their heads pops. "Comfort and style, that's what we will give em, Our wonderful customers-fast shipping of linens." Do I say, "Buy what they have in their store? After this glowing review, need I say more?" If there is one complaint I do have instead, Is that I can't get hubby out of our bed.
Thank you Penwright1029! Your review will help surely help to inspire the poet in all of us. At, we love to hear from our customers. Any eLuxurySupply review helps out our peers by helping all of us make more informed purchases. How creative can you get with your eLuxury product review? Till next time friends.

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