Making the bed in the morning is one common factor in everyone's household.  Some people love it while others dread that extra step in the morning routine. I personally do not like making the bed in the morning.  However, I love getting into a made bed at night, especially one that has just been laundered. Have you ever asked yourself, "how do I properly make a bed?"  Here a few steps from the pros...

Step 1: Strip the bed down to the mattress, if you currently don’t have a bamboo mattress pad this is a great time to put that on.

Step 2: The fitted Egyptian cotton sheet, this has elastic around it so that is will stay on the mattress.  Put the top two corners on first and smooth out any wrinkles as you move down the bed. Pull the sheet over the bottom corner, continue to smooth and pull over last corner. The fitted sheet sometimes can be a little tricky and you may need someone to help.

Step 3: The flat Egyptian cotton sheet, this is the top sheet. Lay the top sheet over the fitted sheet, spread it evenly over the bed. Some like to lay the finish side face down, so when the sheets are folded back you see the design correctly with printed sheets. If you have a solid sheet this does not matter.

  • The top edge should hit the top of the mattress and the bottom and sides will hang over a bit.
  • Tuck the end of the the fitted sheet into the mattress until it fits taut between the mattress and box spring.

This where your bed would be made if you do not like the tucked in feeling. A couple more steps and you will give you that “snug as bug in a rug feeling”.

Step 4: Hospital corners, tug firmly on the sides of sheet to make it taut,  then tuck the flat sheet smoothly under the mattress.

Step 5: Spread down or down alternative comforter over the bed. Align the long sides and short sides with the mattress. It should hang over evenly on the both sides.

Step 6: Place your luxury pillows however you like on the bed. I have four pillows, two with decorative shams that match the comforter and the other two have standard pillowcases on them. Your bed is now made. If you are in a hurry in the morning, like most of us, you only need to straighten out the flat sheet, through on the comforter and put your pillows in place. -- Want to learn more? Check out our buying guide with helpful bedding & bath tips and tricks!