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Review of the Week: Sleep So Much Better...

Review of the Week: Sleep So Much Better...

Our review of the week, for the Down Alternative Hypoallergenic Bamboo Pillow was submitted by “Scfortenbaugh” from North Carolina. She has loves this pillow and her refreshed feeling in the morning.



“This pillow is super soft. My neck has been hurting because of sleeping on an old, flattened pillow. This bamboo pillow is just what I needed! It's absolutely perfect. It's soft but firm. It doesn't flop around like a regular pillow, but it's soft enough to cradle my head when I lay down. I wake up feeling so refreshed in the morning, all thanks to this pillow!”
Thank you “Scfortenbaugh”!  We know the feeling of stiff necks and the real struggle to find something that can really save your sleep. Any eLuxury review helps out our peers by helping all of us make more informed purchases. Save your neck today with a FREE Bamboo Pillow with any purchase of $100 or more through Monday.

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