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Expert Lane: Grams Per Square Meter

Expert Lane: Grams Per Square Meter

There are many ways to measure fabrics depending what part of the fabric you are trying to measure. When it comes to bedding, most of the measurements you see are thread count or fill weight. One of the measurements that is not talked about much is grams per square meter (GSM). GSM is the weight of a fabric in a single square meter. This does not tell you much when you are talking about sheet sets or comforters. Bath towels, beach towels, and robes are usually primarily measured by GSM. The GSM measurement of these items is important because of the absorbency of them. When it applies to these bath items, the higher the GSM, the more absorbent and heavy they will be.

How do you measure GSM?

GSM is measured pretty easily, you just need some tools. The three tools needed to measure GSM is a 1/100 yard template, a quadrant balance, and a GSM cutter. Each arm of the template is 1/10 yards in length. The material is lined up on the template and then the GSM cutter is used to cut out a square yard of the fabric. This fabric is then weighed on the quadrant balance. This measurement methods works for both knitted and woven fabrics of all kinds. At, our towels range from 400 GSM up to 900 GSM. Our most popular towel is the 6 Piece Cotton 900 GSM Towel Set. These towels are beautiful and extra absorbent due to their high GSM count. This Egyptian cotton towel set constructed with 2-ply 900 GSM terry cloth cotton. The alternatives, like our 600 GSM cotton towels and the 550 GSM bamboo towels are also great options. Revitalize your bathroom today and make use of your new GSM knowledge with eLuxury.

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