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Behind the Scenes: Customer Service Associate II

Behind the Scenes: Customer Service Associate II

Coffee in hand, and wiping the last of the night's sleep from my eyes, I walk into my office every morning, fire up my computer and get geared up for another day of doing everything in my power to make things right for our customers. Here at we truly strive to be the best customer service you will ever receive! With the many companies I've worked for over the years, in many different fields, I have never been a part of a company that truly showed how much they cared about not only their customers, but their employees as well. This business is a family, and we see all of our customers as part of our family as well!

On a daily basis, we go above and beyond the standards of many companies for customer service. Often times with companies, if an item is out of stock, or if there is any type of issue with an order, the order will get cancelled. You get an email a few days later informing you that things were cancelled, and "Sorry about your luck." We find that simply unacceptable. There are times that items may go out of stock, but that doesn't mean the customer doesn't still want the item. When we see out of stock situations, we try our best to contact the customer, and see how they would like to move forward. We still want you to have the option to choose! Often times if a mistake is made on an order, companies will just have you return the item and reorder again. Not here! We are happy to help out and set up exchanges in the simplest way possible! We truly want everything involved when shopping with us to be nice, easy, and stress free! It is nearly a competition here amongst all of the customer service reps as to who can be the most helpful for our customers! Seeing our names specifally being mentioned for great service means bragging rights for us!

Day to day life here can be busy, but is also rewarding! The feeling of of having a conversation helping someone who is upset and distraught over a situation, that ends in laughter and smiles is uncomparable. Knowing that helping someone with a small problem, might make their entire day go better, is one of the biggest rewards of this job. People go through so many daily struggles that we know nothing about. One small thing going right for them, could be the start of turning their day, week or even month around. We want everyone to feel comfortable working hand in hand with us. Being a medium sized business, our customers are truly what make our business thrive, and we make it a point to do right by each and every one of ours! For all of those already with us, Thank you! And for all of you thinking about purchasing with us, we'd love to welcome you to the family!

I've worked at many different places, in many different fields, and this company has been the most "family" feeling place I have ever been a part of. People here not only care about the business side of everything, but for you as a person as well. We all get along, and even spend quite a bit of time together outside of work. We play softball together, have company outings, and even get together on the weekends to relax and have a good time!

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