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Expert Lane Series - Towels

Expert Lane Series - Towels

As we approach the heat of the summer, many of us are making plans for various cook outs and get-togethers.  These plans often involve hosting family and friends for dinner or a party. This undoubtedly means lots of cleaning and/or decorating is in your future.  One often forgotten piece of decorating are your bath linens.  

Take a minute to look at the towels in your bathroom?  Were they a cheap set you bought from a local big box store because you had to have them?  Are they outdated or faded?  Maybe you have just moved into a house and don’t have any towels at all!  Instead of just cleaning the same old towels or buying cheap towels that might last a few washes, why not liven up your bathroom with a set of high quality towels? Bath towels offer a relatively painless and inexpensive way to compliment or even change the entire look of your bathroom.  Instead of just buying towels to match your wallpaper or paint, why not pick a towel that accentuates or draws out that look you seek?

Regardless of the backdrop or lighting, a bright and colorful set of towels placed around the room can really help set it off.  Colors help give your bathroom a focal point which can mean the difference between a fab or a drab bathroom.  Some even change the color of their towels to reflect the season or their current mood.  

If color isn’t your thing, you might consider a lighter color.  Nothing says classical luxury like a bathroom stocked with fluffy white towels. Don’t just think of white though, other colors like ivory, stone, or cream can achieve that same classical look without going overboard on color.  

Regardless of your taste or style, at eLuxury we offer a wide range of colors, patterns and GSM in our towel sets.  If it is a color you seek, our 900 GSM, 600 GSM and rayon from bamboo towel sets are offered in variety of bright vivid colors as well as lighter tones like white and ivory.  In addition to looking good, our towels sets are all constructed from the highest quality materials.

The 900 and 600 GSM towels are constructed from 100% Egyptian cotton and are super soft and super absorbent.  Our bamboo towel sets are constructed from rayon which comes from bamboo fiber and are by far the softest towel we offer.   

If a solid color isn’t your style, you’ll want to give our Paisley towel sets a look.  They are offered in a variety of colors and feature a paisley pattern made famous by handkerchiefs.  These are constructed from 100% combed cotton in 550 GSM.  These are available in a 6 and 2 piece set.

Whether your bathroom has gotten stale or has been totally remodeled, a set of high quality towels can give it that perfect finishing touch.  So this summer, trust eLuxury with your next towel purchase.

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