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6 Modern Coffee Table Decor To Make a Focal Point

6 Modern Coffee Table Decor To Make a Focal Point

The coffee table is one of the most important pieces of living room furniture that exists. It not only serves as an impromptu snack table or round ottoman, but it also enhances the atmosphere of a living space. It serves as the focal point, the centerpiece, of your living space in more ways than one. 

Still, creating this focal point is oftentimes easier said than done. You really need a piece of beautiful decor to tie it together, draw attention to it, and make it that hub of energy you’re looking for. 

So today, we’re going to go through some decor ideas that can take your coffee table game to the next level. Your living room is about to get an upgrade!

What To Look For in Coffee Table Decor

Before we look at specific options for you and your coffee table, let’s zoom out a bit and talk about some guiding principles of coffee table decor and interior design in general. 

Elements of Design

First, let’s take a look at the general elements of interior design. There are seven different elements of a room when it comes to interior design: 

  1. Space
  2. Lines
  3. Form
  4. Light
  5. Color 
  6. Texture
  7. Pattern

All of these ideas are what make up the feeling and atmosphere in a room. If we apply these concepts to something as simple as coffee table decor, we can start to see what works best and better understand how to articulate our preferences. 

The coffee table and its decor can take up a small or large amount of space, and it’s in the center of the room (most of the time). Your setup can either be boxy and contain sharp lines or have a softer round shape and form. 

A large, bulky piece of decor can restrict the flow of light, and a brighter smaller one can enhance the presence of light in a room. You can choose to accent your space with a colored coffee table or a bright piece on top of it. 

The texture and patterns in your table and decor are some of the finer details that solidify the room's style. Use all of these elements to pick out decor that suits you, your style, and your needs. 

Principles of Design

The principles of interior design describe how you utilize the elements we just talked about. These principles include balance, harmony, proportion and scale, and emphasis.

Balance means that you can always have too much of a good thing. Balance the weight of visual elements across the room to prevent the feeling of chaos. You want your room and style to feel holistic and cohesive, and harmony is the way to achieve that. 

Proportion is how big one part of an object is compared to another. Scale is how big an object is compared to the space around it. A general rule is that the ratio of an object in relation to the room should be the same as the ratio of a part of that object to the object as a whole. 

Finally, there is emphasis. You don’t want your focus to be evenly distributed throughout the room. The room should shift energy and emphasize specific elements of itself. It’s the idea of Feng Shui. 

Feng Shui states that the layout and energy flow of a room can affect your mood and your life. Your room should have balance and a positive flow to make it feel pleasant and comfortable to be in.

Find What Fits Your Taste

At the end of the day, all of this interior design mumbo jumbo is just a vocabulary set that can help you describe and plan a room according to your tastes. Everything in interior design centers around you, your needs, and what makes you happy. 

So at the end of the day, scrap the rules and regulations and pick the piece of coffee table decor that makes you happy and helps you enjoy being in your living room. 

Coffee Table Decor Ideas

With all of that lingo out of the way, it’s time to jump into some amazing design elements that can liven up your coffee table and make it a true focal point of your room. 

1. Flower or Plant Display

Plants are a perfect way to inject some life into your space, and there are so many ways to do this.

If you’re going for a minimalistic Scandinavian style that favors neutral colors, a low-profile succulent works wonders. Or, if you love the Boho look, a vibrant vase and colorful bouquet will be perfect. If you’re looking for a modern option, choose a vase with a simple shape and monochromatic color scheme. 

This element of color and life works to emphasize the coffee table by making it a source of energy and life. There’s a contrast in shape, color, and more. 

2. Coffee Table Book

If you’re looking for a more low-profile way to decorate your modern coffee table, a coffee table book is a great option. With a boxy shape and striking, straight lines, a book can provide visual interest without taking up much vertical space. 

In addition, it’s an interactive piece of decor. It invites guests to pick it up, open it, and look at what’s inside while sitting in a nearby modern chair. On top of that, there are thousands of options out there for you to choose from, so you can easily find something that fits your style and the style of the room. 

Pick a book with pictures of modern art, or maybe a book with gorgeous photography in it. Perhaps it’s a large book of poetry that inspires you. The options are limitless.

3. Artistic Vase or Sculpture

If you’re looking to draw attention to the center of the room, a piece of modern art in the form of a vase or sculpture is a great way to go. Artistic pieces like these breathe creativity into the room. 

Most modern pieces will have a limited color palette and will focus on the beauty of geometry, shape, and form. It will give you a centerpiece that draws attention but doesn’t stick out and throw off the balance of the room.

A dynamic vase with a unique and imbalanced shape, a small and open sculpture with strong and geometric lines, or a unique and curvy shape mounted on a display box all work to enhance the artistic feeling in your living room.

4. Decorative Bowl or Plate

Another modern, low-profile option is a large, decorative dish. These pieces create emphasis and engagement with unique, beautiful patterns, textures, and colors. Again, they’re more subtle ways to enhance the centerpiece without throwing off the balance of the living room as a whole.

And on top of being a nice piece of decor, a nice bowl or plate can also serve a practical function, such as storage or a snack board.

It’s an element that can fit any style or preference. You simply have to find the right piece that makes you happy. 

5. Rugs or Carpets

Sometimes the thing that your centerpiece needs is not more exterior engagement or fluff, but a more solid foundation and a rug can be just that. 

The beauty of a rug can be in its shape, but more often than not, it’s in its pattern and texture. A well-placed area rug can create a contrast between themselves and the floor around them. It can add a subtle weight to an area of the room while still maintaining an open, healthy flow. 

Not only that, but rugs help to make the room feel cozy and homey. It gives your feet something pleasant to walk on in the room where you spend most of your time.

6. Leave it Empty

One of the most modern options when it comes to coffee table decor is to have no decor at all. Minimalism is at the core of modern interior design, so sometimes, an empty table can be a perfect choice. 

For starters, an empty table is incredibly functional and can easily be used for a charcuterie display, a game table, or a variety of other things when it comes to hosting. But in addition to its functionality, it also helps to make the room feel more open. 

Now, this idea doesn’t work in every room or with every coffee table. It works best with a unique coffee table that is a work of art in and of itself. Having no decor draws more attention to the table itself, so the table ought to be beautiful and uncommon on its own. 

The Coffee Table Focal Point

As the center of the room, your coffee table should be a practical accent piece that you’re proud of.

Now, you’re equipped to choose the best decor to help make your centerpiece a point of interest in your living room. So go find your next piece of decor today. 


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